Friendly Neighbourhood Features



The main aim of the City Spidey app is to bring people together and build happier neighbourhoods in open residential colonies and gated apartment complexes alike. There are so many ways you can connect with your neighbours through City Spidey.



Finding Community:

As a resident, you can locate the ideal neighbourhood to move to with a comprehensive guide on property rates and sizes, neighbourhood amenities, surrounding area and connectivity in the Community listing feature.



Social Groups:

Neighbours that play together, stay together! City Spidey’s Groups feature allows users to connect with likeminded people in their local area or city at large through common interests and shared hobbies. So many meet-ups, summer workshops and impromptu jam sessions are already underway in Delhi NCR thanks to Groups.



Social Forums:

Have meaningful discussions with your neighbours, exchange useful information with them, or simply enjoy some banter by starting a conversation on City Spidey’s Forums. Get to know neighbours you never meet through a chat medium that is intimate yet not invasive.