Is this a park? Or is this a graveyard with tombstones?
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Is this a park? Or is this a graveyard with tombstones?

Park in front of Dwarka's Gangotri Apartments, Pocket 1, Sector 12, lies in a deplorable condition; residents blame DDA for the state of affairs.

Is this a park? Or is this a graveyard with tombstones?

Neighbourhood parks. They’re not just a place to connect with nature, but also a place for exercising, for playing. But as all good things need to be cared for, parks need their share of care too.

By now, you must have figured that the above picture is that of a park, or what was probably once a park. Well, it's the neighbourhood park located just in front of Gangotri Apartments in Pocket 1, Sector 12, Dwarka, and has Master Plan Road 202 on one side. And according to residents, this park has been neglected by the DDA for the past several years.

MS Yadav, president of the RWA, says, “This park has been in a neglected state for over 5 years. We have written many letters to the DDA but they did nothing. Now this patch of land is of no use. The authority should do the needful for the development of the park.”

Umesh Kala, former vice-president of RWA, feels that the park could have been a prized possession. He says, “Though it’s right in front of us, it’s of no use because of bad maintenance. Earlier, there was no source of water. In 2012, DDA installed a tube well here, which never worked. DDA has never taken it seriously, and, over time, the park has turned into a deserted land full of filth.”

When City Spidey visited the park, it found that there were no benches or swings. The surface of the ground was uneven and the cemented fence of the park was in a dilapidated condition. Although DDA has planted some saplings with tree guards around them, the saplings were dying and the park seemed neglected.

Residents say due to the bad condition of the park, it attracts hooligans after sunset. “Drug addicts stole the grill (of the fence) and now, half of it is gone. It is sheer wastage of money. Also, there is no light in the park and hooligans use the area for alcohol abuse and other such activities. It’s a safety concern as well,” says Kala.

DDA officials, however, informed City Spidey that the responsibility of the park was recently given to South Delhi Municipal Corporation. Shashi Tomar, the area councillor, said, “This park is now under SDMC and we will develop it. The development would soon begin.”

With shifting responsiblities, it remains to be seen when the park, which was supposed to be developed as a joggers' park, reaches its destiny.