Noida Authority inaugurates plastic bottle crusher machines
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Noida Authority inaugurates plastic bottle crusher machines

As per officials, these machines were installed under corporate social responsibility initiative.

Noida Authority inaugurates plastic bottle crusher machines

Going a step ahead towards doing away with single-use plastic, Noida Authority on Friday inaugurated three plastic bottles crusher machines at the most happening markets in the city. 

During the inauguration function held at administrative building of the authority in Sector 6, Ritu Maheshwari, chief executive officer raised the curtains to start the operation of these machines officially. The crusher machine is expected to reduce the bottles' size by 85 per cent. 

According to officials, these machines were installed under company's corporate social responsibility initiative. A private bank namely HDFC procured thee plastic bottles crusher machines, which were placed strategically at the busiest markets in the city. 

Each machine costs Rs 2.25 lakh, excluding central and state goods and service tax.

Left overs of the bottle would be stored in the machines and operators would be assigned with responsibility of taking them out when it exceeds the storage capacity.

These machines were strategically placed at three different sites based on footfalls and prominent locations. Officials said that they have aimed at not only reducing waste plastic bottles but also creating awareness among citizens. 

The first machine was installed at the reception of Noida Authority' administration office, where hundreds of residents visit for official works. They would get a glimpse of the functioning of the machine. It may inspire them to have a similar solution for waste plastic bottles at their respective places. 

The second and the third machines were installed respectively at busy Sector 18 market and Brahmputra market in Sector 29. These markets are busy ones that attract people from all four corners of Noida for shopping.