Chhath showed cultural integrity
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Chhath showed cultural integrity

Devotees offered prayers to Sun God amid religious chants.

Chhath showed cultural integrity

Chhath was celebrated across Dwarka and its surrounding areas with great cultural and religious fervour. Apart from people from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand, who traditionally observe the festival, people from states like Rajasthan, Punjab, Uttarakhand and even southern parts of India, visited the ghaats (banks of rivers and ponds) and took part in the festivity in a great show of solidarity and cultural integrity that binds the festival. 

The festival concluded today (November 3) with the offering of raw milk Ganga water fruits and sweets to rising sun. Devotees offered prayers to Sun God amid religious chants.

Chhath Puja was organised at many places in the sub-city including Sector 11, Sector 15, Sector 8, Dada Dev Mela Ground, near sector 2 Dabri Road, Sector 14, Kakrola, Barat Vihar, Madhu Vihar, Sitapuri among others. Puja was organised inside societies by small groups while on outside the societies at a large-scale. 

One of the biggest celebrations was held at the DDA land, near Sports Complex, Sector 11 by Dwarka Chhath Puja Simiti. People also performed puja in community groups inside the societies. RWAs and various Chhath Puja Samitis made arrangements for artificial ghaats and other facilities to worship Sun God. 

Local leaders, police officials and social workers of the area visited the ghaats, interacted with the people.

A husband performing arghya for his wife offering the rising sun at terrace of a society in Sector 3

Devotees offering to rising sun at Chhath ghat, Sector 11

Vratee praying to rising sun before performing offering today in the morning at Sector 3

Family members with Varatee at Chhath Ghat today in the morning at Sector 8

Community Chhath puja at Radhika Apartments Sector 14

Devotees taking selfie during Chhath puja at Sector 3