Power-cuts force GZB residents to fall back on diesel gensets 
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Power-cuts force GZB residents to fall back on diesel gensets 

Distcom cites shifting of underground cables for augmentation of NH 24 as reason for the move.

Power-cuts force GZB residents to fall back on diesel gensets 

In brazen defiance to the direction of Environmental Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority (EPCA), PVVNL, a power distribution company in Ghaziabad, suspended electricity supply for over 16 hours in the last four days at more than a dozen localities of Ghaziabad. 

The reason cited for the disruption of power supply was shifting underground electric cables for augmentation of NH 24. 

The PVVNL’s move forced more than 30 housing societies of Crossings Republik to use diesel generators for power backup. 

On October 26, Rakesh Kumar, chief engineer of PVVNL, had issued a circular saying the transmission line of 133 KVA would be shifted for the augmentation of Delhi-Meerut Expressway (DME). Hence, a three-hour power-cut was proposed over three days – November 1, 2 and 3. 

However, the power-cut lasting for four hours every day was extended to November 4 (fourth day). During this period, a dozen localities, almost 1/4th of the Ghaziabad, were deprived of power. EPCA had directed power discoms in Delhi-NCR to provide uninterrupted power supply to curb usage of diesel generators as a preventive measure to contain rising pollution level in the region. When asked about defiance to the direction of EPCA, PVVNL’s zonal in-charge of the power-affected area said that the decision was taken at the behest of the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI).

Reacting to the remark of the official, an NHAI official said that the decision to shift the line was PVVNL's prerogative. Mudit Garg, deputy general manager (DGM) of the NHAI, said that the NHAI had indeed sought permission from the PVVNL to shift the power supply line five months ago. However, the permission was given only eight days before Diwali. "We were not allowed to do it then as the PVVNL had said they were ordered by the state government not to disrupt power supply till Diwali," Garg said. When CitySpidey asked the PVVNL official that if the line shifting work could have been postponed, the official maintained that "the decision was taken at the behest of the NHAI". However, the postponement would have affected the progress of DME project, he said.

Acknowledging the statement of the PVVNL official, Garg said that if the line shifting had been postponed, the project would have suffered a delay of 3-4 months. 

CitySpidey tried to reach out to the office of EPCA for comment, but the officials remained incommunicado. Till the writing of this report, no action has been taken against housing societies for violating EPCA's order against use of diesel generators. Nor any notice has been issued to summon PVVNL for defying EPCA's direction to provide seamless supply of power in the district.