GreNo waste generators to shell out more for collection from next month
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GreNo waste generators to shell out more for collection from next month

Authority has made it clear that current per trip charges would be applicable only till November.

GreNo waste generators to shell out more for collection from next month

Waste generators, who are still relying on collection by the Greater Noida Authority, will now have to shell out more from next month. It will be applicable to all types of waste generators including residential societies and commercial units. 

This is for the waste generators which have not set up waste disposal system.

The authority said that those waste generators who have not installed composting machines and are reliant on authority to collect their waste are liable to pay Rs 7,000 per trip to the authority. 

Authority has also made it clear that charges (Rs 7,000 per trip) would be applicable only till November end and these charges may double after this month.

Over three months long on-going drive against defaulters, the authority held a review meeting on Wednesday. The authority claimed that its drive was a success. So far, 37 new bulk waste generators have started managing waste at their own.

As per the official statement, the authority has identified as many as 756 units generating waste in bulk.

“The drive fetched positive response so far as 10 new residential societies, 5 colleges and 2 commercial establishments have implemented SWM rules and have started managing waste at their own whereas 10 societies already had SWM system,” an official statement of Greater Noida read.

In September, the authority had launched drive against those not complying SWM rules – 2016 and claimed to have so far levied fine against 83 bulk generators in its area and have collected Rs 22.78 lakh.

Meanwhile, the authority has decided to install around 300 dustbins in busy places, including market areas soon. In the second phase, the authority would install additional 1,000 dustbins under its jurisdiction. The authority has also invited residents to earmark location where these dustbins can be set up. “One can send location on Whatsapp number 8800203912 for setting up dustbins in their localites,” offcials statement read.

Earlier in September, a senior official in health department of Greater Noida Authority talking with CitySpidey stated that there will be no leniency and those violators of norms will be penalised.