Confusion over maintenance authority leaves Dwarka roads in a bad shape
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Confusion over maintenance authority leaves Dwarka roads in a bad shape

Most of the master plan roads at stretches with maximum traffic are a picture of neglect.

Confusion over maintenance authority leaves Dwarka roads in a bad shape

Residents of Dwarka have been suffering due to bad condition of roads inthe area. Its been long since repair work has not been carried out on the roads in the sub-city. The master plan roads are in the bad condition mostly at the stretches which witness maximum traffic.

Dwarka Mor, Sector 3 turn, Ashirvad Chowk, KM Chowk, Sector 8/9 crossing, Sector 4/12 Chowk, intersection near Rudra Apartments in Sector 6 etc are the places where the surface of the road is badly damaged. 

Responding to the requests and complaints, the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) somehow filled the potholes with construction debris but the situation went back to square one. 

Stressing the need for regular monitoring and maintenance of the roads, a resident of Sector 10, Rakesh Sharma said, "As far as I know there is no agency to look after the roads and its maintenance as there is a confusion about maintaining authority between DDA and PWD. The community people are the sufferers.”

The damaged and broken roads across Dwarka have not been repaired for a long due to departmental schism among the DDA, PWD and the municipal corporation. Be it master plan roads across the sub city or the internal  roads in the sectors, all are lacking in repair and maintenance. 

Consequently, at many places, condition of the roads is deteriorating with time. Some of the damaged portion has been left unattended for more than three years now. “The stretch from the signal of Sector 12/4 till Harmony Apartments is in bad shape. It is there for more than three years,” said Rashmi Kumari, a resident of Sector 5.

At Sector 3, the state of internal roads has become pathetic. Residents say the internal roads had been in poor condition for more than a year. 

JC Malhotra, a senior citizen from Welcome Group CGHS(Cooperative Group Housing Society), Sector 3 said, “It's unfortunate that the main internal road from the signal of 3/13 till Balaji Apartments and Gauri Ganesh Apartments is full of potholes.” 

“Civic bodies only filled the potholes with debris which caused dust and mud creating more problems. The sad part is that the MLA and councillor of the area too couldn’t do anything in this regard. I reminded them about the matter in meetings,” he added.

According to sources, the master plan roads which had to be densely carpeted have been left due to the handover and transfer process from the DDA to the PWD. They said ever since the state government came, all the roads above 30 meter wide had to be transferred to PWD, but it did not take place. 

“It was in process and the roads had to be transferred to PWD. But they did not take up and stopped communication. Now the things are on hold. In that case, neither we are in a position to do anything, nor are they taking interest,” bemoaned an official of DDA on the condition of anonymity.

DDA officials said that they sent letters to the PWD but nothing happened. The corporation too was approached to take up the maintenance of roads, but again nothing effective happened in that direction. The whole Dwarka is suffering with bad condition of roads. 

According to the DDA, a tender was floated for some of the repairing work. But common people do not have any idea when the roads will be repaired. RWAs and social organisations have been raising the subject in forums with the authorities but nothing happened.