Duped by developer, RG Residency rendered powerless 
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Duped by developer, RG Residency rendered powerless 

Despite notices issued to the developer, outstanding dues are still pending with PVVNL. 

Duped by developer, RG Residency rendered powerless 

Suddenly life came to a standstill for the residents of RG Residency, a high rise in sector 120, when the entire society plunged into darkness. The PVVNL, the power distribution corporation in Noida, on Thursday, abruptly disconnected electricity supply to them citing non-payment of dues.

The sudden discontinuation of power supply put residents of the society in a quandary. At once, their homes slipped into darkness and they have no option but to reconcile to the situation. But how long? They don’t know. 

The discom snapped the power supply at a time when there is a ban on operation of diesel generator. Earlier, they used to fall back on diesel generators in times of power crisis. 

According to officials of the PVVNL, the corporation has not received dues accumulated overtime against electricity supply to the high rise. Despite notices issued to the management of the high rise, the outstanding dues are still pending. Hence, they could not supply electricity to the society until dues of Rs 58 lac are cleared. 

They said that they are paying for the sins of the developer who failed to deposit the power bills collected from them to the discom. They are made to suffering for no fault of theirs. 

The developer has been regularly collecting power consumption bills from the residents in advance through pre-paid meter, but has not deposited them with the discom. 

The residents called the sudden disconnection of power as unfair to them as they have already paid all the dues. The distribution corporation, they say should have made the developer to cough the amount they have paid to him rather than throwing their lives into the darkness.