A tell-tale proof of civic negligence in Dwarka
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A tell-tale proof of civic negligence in Dwarka

Not cleared for long, the overflowing dhalao is choking with garbage.

A tell-tale proof of civic negligence in Dwarka

Even a casual visitor to Sector 5, Dwarka, won't miss the sight of a dhalao, which, of late, has become a symbol of sanitation disaster in the sub-city. A foul stench originating from the garbage dump would strike you from half a kilometre away. 

As you get closer to the source of the nauseating smell, the scene is sure to turn you off. 

Not cleared for long, a dhalao is choking with garbage even as freshly generated waste is continued to be dumped at the spot. The garbage overflowing from the dump is piled on the adjacent pavement in a heap and littered on road.          

The dhalao and its surroundings tell a familiar tale of South Delhi Municipal Corporation's SDMC)failure to handle garbage. 

Polythene bags, plastic bottles, broken pieces of glass, thermocol, horticulture waste, food leftover, kitchen waste, solid waste and even medical too can be seen in the garbage scattered here.

The stench emanating from the rotting garbage pervades the entire area all the time.