Damaged traffic signage irk commuters on main roads
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Damaged traffic signage irk commuters on main roads

It seems that the DDA is not looking after these signage properly.

Damaged traffic signage irk commuters on main roads

Commuters negotiating master plan roads of Dwarka, these days, are finding it hard to read the traffic signage with information about a particular sector as they are badly damaged. The signs that are mostly on wider master plan roads are creating confusion rather than helping them with find a direction.

The blue signage is on a height from the roads so that anyone could easily get view of them for proper direction and the information about the locality. But, as soon as they come closer to the boards they get incomplete or no information at all. Such boards are mostly in Sector 8, 9, 19, 20, 22, 23 etc.

Sameer Gupta, a resident of South Delhi, who recently visited Dwarka, shared his predicament, saying, “I entered the city from Sector 21 and followed the road towards Sector 23. Just after crossing the police station of Sector 23, I saw a big blue board from a distance. I was confident that after reaching there, I would get a proper direction to follow. But when I reached that spot, I got confused as the board was incomplete and one of its portions was missing. There was incomplete information. Then, I had to call my friend to take the right direction.” 

These huge blue coloured direction boards have been installed by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) at almost all the master plan roads in Dwarka. They have to maintain them periodically, but it seems that the authority is not looking after them properly. 

Residents from and outside Dwarka who visit the area share this concern and suggest that the wider roads in the city would be easier to negotiate if only the boards had been properly maintained. 

Shikha Sheron, a resident of Sector 6, said, “In this digital age, people rely on such boards for direction and place information. Also such boards give authentic information and one finds it easier to be guided by them rather than by the digital mode on mobiles.”

The resident bodies have started highlighting this subject for a couple of weeks, but so far no action is forthcoming from the authority to fix the boards. PC Xavier a resident of Sahyadri Apartments, Sector 12 has been writing on the subject to the DDA continuously. He raised this issue at public forum and WhatsApp groups of his community and authority too. 

He said, “The city is at a developing stage as compared to the other parts of Delhi. Such boards are very important in that case. If they had installed boards, then they must keep them well maintained. This is the issue that creates problem for all and they face it on a daily basis .On the other hand, it looks bad from aesthetic point of view too. The DDA must look into the matter and take corrective steps.”

One of the DDA officials said on the condition of anonymity that the boards would be repaired soon.