Mahagun Moderne, Noida: Another swimming pool mishap
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Mahagun Moderne, Noida: Another swimming pool mishap

A nine-and-half-year-old boy of the society is fighting for his life after falling into its swimming pool while playing with his friends.

Mahagun Moderne, Noida: Another swimming pool mishap

A nine-and-half-year-old boy fell into the swimming pool of Mahagun Moderne Apartments in Sector 78, Noida, on Wednesday evening. He was later rescued from the swimming pool and taken to a private hospital. He is said to be in a critical condition and is on ventilation at the moment.

The child, Aditya Wardhan, was playing beside the swimming pool, along with other children. The ball that the kids were playing with fell into the pool, and Aditya extended his hands to get the ball out of the water and fell into the pool.

According to witnesses, the child’s hand got stuck in the open suction hole at the bottom of the pool. His face was in the water and, owing to high-suction pressure, he could neither raise his head to shout for help, nor could he lift his hand. He remained in that situation for more than a minute.

Seeing Aditya drowning in the pool, the guards on duty rushed to the lifeguard’s office and reported the incident. The lifeguard immediately rushed to the scene. The society’s maintenance staff called in the doctors for first-aid. After the first-aid and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR), the child was rushed to the nearby Neo Hospital in Sector 50. The case was then referred to Fortis Hospital, where the child was put on ventilation in the ICU. He has now been transferred to Ganga Ram Hospital. 

It is worth mentioning that Noida and Delhi police created a green corridor to transfer the boy. The ambulance covered the distance from Fortis Hospital, Sector 62, Noida, to Ghazipur border, about 11 km, in just 6 minutes. 

Mahagun Moderne has two swimming pools in the covered club area. While one is meant for kids, the other is for adults. The child had fallen into the 4-ft-deep pool.

Rajesh Garg, the club manager, told City Spidey that the child was rescued within one-and-a-half minutes and administered first-aid.

The residents held a short prayer meet for the child’s speedy recovery.