‘Neki Ki Diwar' – a philanthropic initiative in Dwarka
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‘Neki Ki Diwar' – a philanthropic initiative in Dwarka

The author of the initiative took inspiration from the concept he read in City Spidey.

‘Neki Ki Diwar' – a philanthropic initiative in Dwarka

Suman Malik, a senior citizen from Youngsters Apartments Sector 6, while roaming in the area of Chhawla, adjacent to Dwarka, a few months ago, noticed a spot on the footpath with a banner and some clothes hanging on the wall and some shoes laying on the footpath in a proper sequence. 

As he went closer to the spot he found it to be an initiative by CISF people of the area to help and support the underprivileged sections of the society with usable clothes and shoes. The initiative was named ‘Neki Ki Diwar' (Wall of Charity). 

He decided to do something like that in Dwarka. Yesterday, after reading an article in City Spidey on a similar initiative with the same name, ‘Neki Ki Diwar', in Noida, he chose the boundary wall for his ‘Neki Ki Diwar' facing the footpath, right in front of his society in Dwarka. 

Some cloths have been hanged there by him. He spread a message on the initiative at WhatsApp groups of the residents in Dwarka and his own society so that people could come forward and donate clothes and shoes to the needy in the community. 

Suman Malik said, “I got inspiration for the initiative from my visit to Chhawla. I found the concept appealing and I decided to start it in my own area. I don’t know about the response as it was started yesterday, but I hope that the people would be generous.”

As winter has set in, he hoped the initiative would help a lot to those people who don't have resources to protect themselves from cold. It would provide warm clothes to the homeless and the poor who can’t afford woollens. 

“This is an easier way to give something to the needy as per his/her comfort convenience. I would like to say that such things must be initiated in all parts of Dwarka by the community people, social organisations or RWAs etc.”