Dwarka: Shabby state of busy market tells a story of administrative apathy
Dwarka: Shabby state of busy market tells a story of administrative apathy
Dwarka: Shabby state of busy market tells a story of administrative apathy
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Dwarka: Shabby state of busy market tells a story of administrative apathy

Dwarka: One of the busiest markets of Dwarka, Sector 4 market, has been in pathetic condition for quite sometime now. Many problems including sewer overflow, damaged surface, scattered garbage, no cleaning, encroachments etc were found in the market. 

These problems are being faced by the visitors on a daily basis. Residents of the area said that neither the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) nor the municipal corporation was taking any notice of the existing problems related to maintenance of the market premises. 

Sanjay Jha, a resident of Sector 4 said, “The market is poorly maintained by the civic bodies. No regular lifting of garbage is there. Also, all the green space is being used for dumping garbage and other materials.” 

“Besides, the premises is often filled with sewer water due to overflow. DDA or South Delhi Municipal Corporation, both have the maintenance responsibility but they have done nothing. This is sad that despite such a planned market, there are such basic issues,” he added.

The market is in the heart of the city and is one of the most popular markets in the area. Visitors said that the surface of the premises had been in damaged state for a long time. Some of the visitors complained about it to the concerned agencies on phone but nothing happened.  

Seema Diwan, a resident of Sector 4 said, “I asked about the subject to SDMC and DDA officials as why the surface is broken but they passed the buck. The surface is getting worse due to logging of sewer water.”

On the other hand, the corridor of the market has been encroached by the unauthorised vendors. During Durga Puja, the encroachments were cleared but now it has returned again. People said that such things were done in the connivance of the authorities. 

They said that no one was there to look after the bad condition of the market. RK Verma, a regular visitor to the market said, “Here, everything is under the influential people in the market. They promote encroachment with the support of administration. How one could allow anything in open space. Everybody knows who is responsible and how things are going on.”

The market people were reluctant to say anything openly. They said that the current situation is there because of the influential people in the market and the condition is getting worse day by day. 

A shop owner said on the condition of anonymity, “There are violations and they are in connivance of influential people and administration. They allow the unauthorised vendors to encroach. The eateries, running illegally by encroaching the open space, put their waste randomly and also in the sewer. This causes overflow of sewer and filthy atmosphere in the area.”

“Not only this, but also green space has been encroached. Shop owners take money from any vendor operating in front of them. The influential people and administration also take money from them. So, in this scenario, any improvement is far-sighted,” he added.

On the subject, DDA and SDMC officials said that they will look into it and take proper action against the violation. They also said that the lacking of civic amenities would be improved.