GreNo: Alto stolen, owner has no hope of getting it back
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GreNo: Alto stolen, owner has no hope of getting it back

Police are looking out for the missing vehicle, but the owner has no hope of getting it back.

GreNo: Alto stolen, owner has no hope of getting it back

In another incident that reflects on the law and order situation in Greater Noida west, a white Alto was stolen from a busy market area near Cherry County on Tuesday evening. 

According to the owner of the car, Babita from Green Arch society, she had parked the vehicle on the road before going to buy some groceries. When she returned, to her shock, it was not there.

Recounting the episode, she said, “I came back to the spot in 20 minutes sharp, by then the car had disappeared.” She wondered why the auto thieves singled out her car leaving the 20-odd cars parked there along with hers at around 6 pm, at the time of the theft.

Not finding her car, Babita instantly dialled 100. Responding to her call, a PCR arrived on the spot. After a preliminary investigation, the PCR staff got away with advice to register an FIR at the nearest police station. Even as the police are on the lookout for the missing vehicle, Babita and her family have no hope of getting the car, which they had bought in 2006, back.

Babita and her family are not alone to have scepticism about the competence of the police in handling law and order in Greater Noida West. A common refrain among the residents of the locality is that the police are not doing enough to make people feel secure. 

In the wake of rising cases of chain-snatching, robbery and physical attack, people here have started avoiding stepping out of their houses after 5 pm fearing untoward incidents.

Talking to CitySpidey, a police official, said, “The market from where the car was stolen is an illegal cluster where hawkers put up their stalls. Since no CCTV camera is installed there, we have to rely on the footage procured from Cherry County or Ryan International to track the movement of the car”.