Ganga Yamuna Hindon Apt: Fifth incident of burglary leaves residents in shock
Ganga Yamuna Hindon Apt: Fifth incident of burglary leaves residents in shock
Ashish Srivastava
Ganga Yamuna Hindon Apt: Fifth incident of burglary leaves residents in shock
Photo: CitySpidey

Ganga Yamuna Hindon Apt: Fifth incident of burglary leaves residents in shock

Ghaziabad: Around 3 am on Wednesday, Amit Kumar, a resident of Ganga Yamuna Hindon Apartments in Pratap Vihar, woke up as he felt need to go washroom. While returning to bed, he heard noises coming from a flat opposite to his. 

Kumar got suspicious because the flat was locked as its inhabitants were out of town for last few days. He peeked from his key hole to find out that the main gate of the opposite flat was wide open. The lock seemed to be broken. 

He tried to get outside only to find that someone had locked main gate of his flat from the outside. His suspicion got confirmed and promptly dialled AOA officials to inform them about the burglary taking place in his neighbour's flat. 

The AOA officials and security guards rushed to the spot and managed to nab one of the culprits who came to burgle the flat. However, three others fled the scene Rs 75,000 cash and jewellery worth Rs 1.5 lakh, as claimed by the victim.

The flat, in which the burglary took place, belonged to Pankaj Rai. Rai is an advocate by profession and practices in Allahabad High Court. 

While speaking to CitySpidey, Rai said that he had left his flat on Sunday. Rai is settled in Allahabad. He keeps visiting his flat in an interval of two to three months. “The burglars had broken both of the wardrobes where I had kept cash and few jewellery items. The cash was kept for my eye surgery at AIIMS scheduled next month in December,” he said.

While the victim claimed that he had lost cash and jewellery in the burglary, surprisingly, police believed that the burglary was not successful and only attempted. “No articles from the house was stolen. The culprits were trying to steal things and they got caught,” told Shyamveer Singh, SHO, Vijaynagar Police Station.

When asked whether he confirmed this with the victim, Singh said that he is yet to contact with the victim. 
This is the fifth burglary happened since August 2019 in the society. The continuous incidents of thefts have left the residents shocked. They are questioning seriousness of police in providing safety to the residents. 
“They are not doing their duty. Their lackadaisical approach to investigate previous cases is encouraging the criminals for regular attempts in our society,” alleged Abhishek Singh, secretary of AOA of the society.

Abhishek also alleged that police have merely recorded their complaints of last incident and have not registered FIRs. When asked about the allegation, SHO Singh refuted it by claiming that he has not checked them. 

On asking what course of action police is taking now, the SHO said, “The investigation is underway and we are also trying to connect the dots of this incident with previous ones,” Singh said. The continuous thefts in last four months is posing multiple questions on the ability of Ghaziabad police to maintain law and order in the area. 

Besides, the AOA also alleged Housing and Development Board of Ghaziabad, who is developer of the housing society and maintaining it currently,  for keeping insufficient number of security guards.