Doesn't the good weather remind us what we have been missing?
Doesn't the good weather remind us what we have been missing?
Ashish Ranjan
Doesn't the good weather remind us what we have been missing?
Photo: Samrat Roy

Doesn't the good weather remind us what we have been missing?

Delhi: Thursday morning was special for the residents of Delhi-NCR. They woke up to something that is very rare in the National Capital. Strong winds and rain coupled with hailstorm brought the air to safe levels. 

The air quality index (AQI) in Delhi was recorded at 136 at 8.47am which falls under the 'moderate' category.

This is very rare for the denizens of the region. It also forced us to ponder over the fact that our reliance on nature is still the same. Not long ago, we witnessed scary developments. 

People were reeling under severe air pollution and they had no solution in sight. As it has been happening in the past, our hopes hinged on rain and strong winds. And, eventually, they came to our rescue.

Now, as we enjoy the good weather, it is also a time to think about how important it is to maintain a good quality of weather in the national capital. While we take good air inside, it is important to feel what we all have been missing.

Many reports had pointed out the right to breathe at the time when there was severe pollution. People were gasping for breath. The whole national capital region has seen air emergency. 

It is time for all the concerned authorities to wake up and devise a plan to ensure good quality of air to all and themselves as well because their existence is not exclusive at all. 

The situation in Delhi-NCR can be improved. The story of Shanghai’s battle against menacing air pollution is what needs to be followed in the national capital as well. It is really concerning that what deterred the government from at least trying to adopt measures on the lines of Shanghai’s plan.

Is it not the same kind of situation where measures such as these should be taken? There is a lot of similarity between Delhi and Shanghai when it comes to causes of pollution are concerned. 

It is mostly the same such as vehicle and factory emissions, dust from construction sites, power stations, straw burning and aeroplanes. All these things happen here and they are the cause of pollution in the country. 

To control these pollution contributors, they had launched a massive drive. Most of them can be implemented here as well. There are some tough norms for penalising the violators which can also be implemented here as well. 

But, not only the government, as everyone has the right to breathe, it is need of the hour that every stakeholder should come forward do everything possible to achieve the air quality which is also a quintessential need.