Ajnara Integrity developer washes hands off water supply
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Ajnara Integrity developer washes hands off water supply

Residents call it vendetta and a ploy to thwart the transfer of maintenance services.

Ajnara Integrity developer washes hands off water supply

In a curious case, the developer of Ajnara Integrity Society in Raj Nagar Extension refused to provide water supply facility and has asked the residents to fend for themselves abdicating his responsibility. 

What's more, he has demanded a monthly payment of Rs 3,000 from the residents if they wanted it to arrange for water for them. The developer shared this information through a letter written to the Apartment Owners' Association (AOA) of the society. 

In the letter, the developer has expressed his inability to extract groundwater anymore citing "drying of water sources in the region and non-availability of alternate sources of water by the authority or any government department". 

The letter is written in the name of Lotus Maintenance Services Pvt. Ltd. which looks after the maintenance services of the society. This agency is a subsidiary of the developing agency of the society, Janata India Limited. 

The letter also mentions that the responsibility of providing water to group housing society rests with the developing authority of the town and they (developer) are forced to provide this facility. 

While the logic given by the builder is true in an ideal situation, it's not in the case of Raj Nagar Extension. Officials of the Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) told CitySpidey that Raj Nagar Extension is a privately developed township where the matters of the society are the responsibility of the developer only. "We are entitled to external development like construction of roads, cleaning,  sewer, lighting while amenities such as garbage disposal and water supply are responsibilities of the developers," argued a senior official. 

Meanwhile, president of the AOA of the society, Nitin Tyagi, said that the developer is just trying to create panic among the residents through this letter. "Two borewells are running in the society which is enough to supply adequate water to all the flats. In the absence of water infrastructure by a civic authority, it becomes the responsibility of the builder to provide this basic amenity to the residents. We won't allow him to run away from it," he asserted.

Tyagi also described the letter as "an attempt to sully the reputation of the incumbent AOA". "There is a conflict between AOA members regarding the takeover of maintenance services from the builder. The builder is aware of this and hence trying to capitalise on the existing divide amongst the board members. His motive is to stall the handover process," he said.

Cityspidey tried to contact officials of Lotus Maintenance but all our calls and messages to them went unanswered.