Gurugram: After long bumpy ride, road recarpeting in DLF
Gurugram: After long bumpy ride, road recarpeting in DLF
Akanksha Gupta
Gurugram: After long bumpy ride, road recarpeting in DLF
Photo: CitySpidey

Gurugram: After long bumpy ride, road recarpeting in DLF

Gurugram: After long last, the developer brought cheers to residents of DLF-Phase 1, 2 and 3 by starting recarpeting of the roads on Monday. Road carpeting has been a long pending demand of the residents. 

The locals and Councillor RS Rathee were present during the commencement of recarpeting of work in the vicinity.

The recarpeting of roads will be carried on all the roads of DLF areas with an estimated budget of Rs. 5 crore approximately. In DLF phase 1, all the main arterial roads, including Shahtoot Marg, Club Marg etc., and block A, D, F would be recarpeted. 

In DLF phase 2, the recarpeting work will be done in blocks Q,O, P, M and N. In DLF phase 3, block T, W and pink town house road will be covered in the first phase which is expected to be completed within 10 days. 

The second phase, which will cover rest of blocks, will start in March 2020.

With the recarpeting of roads getting underway residents took a sigh of relief. They have been pursuing the matter for long as they were fed up of negotiating the potholed roads.

Dhruv Bansal, Spokesperson of DLF QERWA, said, “The roads are in a pathetic condition and we have been requesting them (the administration) to recarpet them for long. People, especially senior citizens living in these areas, have suffered several injuries during bumpy rides. Our vehicles have also got damaged. In rainy season, the situation would become unbearable. All our complaints to the developer were in vain.”

The residents are hoping that early completion of civic infrastructure deficiencies by the developer would also enable early takeover of the colony by the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG).

Local Councillor RS Rathee said, "This is part of the colony take over process. The developer is acting on the DPR which has been approved by MCG. The incomplete work in the area is supposed to be finished by developer before MCG takes over."

Sunil Bhatia, one of the residents, said, “MCG would not takeover the colony until all the civic infrastructure deficiencies are completed. We hope that this time they will complete all the work in fast manner so that we can live in peace.”