DDA issues circular to address illegal occupancy of open spaces
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DDA issues circular to address illegal occupancy of open spaces

The illegal occupations have kept the general public away from booking these sites.

DDA issues circular to address illegal occupancy of open spaces

Dwarka: The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) on Friday issued a circular to check the practice of illegal occupation of open spaces in the city. It said that open spaces have been occupied by unscruplous elements for long time.  

The illegal occupations have kept the general public away from booking these sites. Also, there are certain ambiguities in the existing policy for booking open spaces/community halls of DDA. 

It has been reported that this misuse of the policy for booking open spaces/community halls of DDA has resulted in general public being forced to pay higher prices for booking by such unscrupulous elements. 

In order to bring more transparency and to keep the unscrupulous elements out from booking DDA’s open spaces/community halls forced the DDA to issue a circular.

Here are the changes in the policy in this regard:

- Adding 'nature of usage allowed by DDA' and 'other obligation of allottee' as point-(5) & point-(6) respectively in the existing policy. (Detailed provision and other terms & conditions can be viewed on the DDA website www.dda.org.in)

- Circus has been exempted from compulsory registration.

- In cases of registration of society, involving disputes between members of society and where more than one factor claims to be the authorized representative of the society, while registering themselves with DDA, in such cases of conflict, Dy. Director(IL), would register the society only from those representatives who will submit written certification from Registrar of Societies that they are the Authorized Representatives of the said society.

- Booking for religious purpose will not be allowed during the marriage season (i.e. from 8th day of Margashirasha to first day of Pausha month and from first day till last day of Magha month every year, as per Vedic Calendar). Bookings already made for religious purpose for this blockage period stands cancelled. In case, the society, whose bookings are cancelled with such order, wishes, it may apply for alternative sites online on DDA’s official website i.e. www.dda.org.in. Similar blockage period for summer shall be notified later.

- Concerned Engineering Division would be responsible for ensuring that the site is utilised only for the purpose of booking that it is booked for.

- Concerned Engineering Division will also upload photograph of the clear site before erection of temporary tents and clear site after removal of the tent from the site after the function is over and ensure that the tent is removed after every function and site is cleared and handed over back to DDA by the allottee.

- The booking period for Katha and Satsang would be only upto 3 days, and beyond that approval of VC, DDA will be taken on case to case basis by concerned Chief Engineer supported by relevant documents, seeking such extension beyond 3 days.

- While registering the society, Dy. Director/IL would ensure that validity of registration of the society does not expire before the period of registration of the society with DDA is over.

- Security deposit in case of Category-I i.e. Free, and Category-II i.e. Nominal Category will be Rs. 24/Sqm/day instead of Rs.15/Sqm. (This will be fully refundable; however, in case of any violation/misuse it will be forfeited)

- 70 Community Halls and 386 Open spaces of DDA can be booked online on temporary basis through DDA website i.e. www.dda.org.in.