Eldeco Aamantran Christmas a fun and joy affair
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Eldeco Aamantran Christmas a fun and joy affair

They gathered in large numbers along with children at the club house in the society.

Eldeco Aamantran Christmas a fun and joy affair

Noida: Christmas at Eldeco Aamantran, a high rise in Sector 119, Noida, was an occasion to cherish for adults and children. 

Residents of the society, including women and children, gathered in large number at the clubhouse in the society to celebrate the occasion with a festive spirit as early as 3 pm. All of them joined hands in the preparation for the occasion.

Starting with the making of the Christmas tree at around 3 pm, they decorated the clubhouse with colourful balloons and other paraphernalia. 

Once everything was in place, the celebrations begun with gusto. The venue came alive to the cultural extravaganza that was the toast of the occasion.

Music and dance and all the merrymaking that went with it made the occasion a memorable affair. Performances of young budding artists (both dancers and singers) from the society at the invitation of the organisers had left an endelible mark on the gathering. 

All the performers were later rewarded with gifts and toffees. 

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Saurav Yadav, a resident of the society and the coordinator of the event, informed that the children sang carols. Some children even participated in the game of musical chairs. 

Santa Claus, a resident in Father Christmas get-up, who had struck a chord with the children instantaneously, gave away toffees and other goodies to all of them.

The celebration drew to a close with the distribution of cake by Sandhya Maurya and Chetan Puri, coordinators of cultural committee of the society.