RESIDENT SPEAK: Beat the chill, stay fit with Yog Seed
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RESIDENT SPEAK: Beat the chill, stay fit with Yog Seed

Here is a sxupecially designed 15-minute session of asana – pranayama and meditation.

RESIDENT SPEAK: Beat the chill, stay fit with Yog Seed

Friends, we all are finding it difficult to cope with the cold wave conditions prevailing in Delhi with mercury plummeting to record low. The cold combined with a high level of air pollution poses many a health issue to those living in Delhi. Dwarka is no exception. 

A majority of the people living in Dwarka is suffering from health issues related to breathing, thanks to the double whammy – fog and smog. Keeping this in mind, Yog Seed has designed and held a special 15-minute session of asana (yogic posture) – pranayama (regulated breathing) and meditation – to beat the winter chill and keep you fit the whole day.

1. To begin with, we need to warm up our wrists, shoulder and neck both clockwise and anticlockwise to eliminate winter stiffness in the upper part of the body... duration: 5 minutes.

2. Need to make two rounds of Surya Namskar (greeting the sun) from both sides to make your body completely warm and flexible... duration: 5 minutes. 
3. Pranayama must be done in three rounds with 20 rounds of Bhastrika at a fast pace, 10 rounds in semi-fast pace and last five rounds in an absolutely slow pace. This is very important as this will eliminate chest and lungs infections which are very common nowadays... duration: 5 minutes.
4. In the last, one needs to sit on meditation with a concentration on the naval part and subsequently on breathe... duration: 5 minutes.
With this 15-minute of specially designed Yog Seed programme, we can beat winters and stay fit all day with high energy and positive thoughts. Any one interested to see or learn this may visit Yog Seed classes at Golok Dham DDA park sect 10 or call us at 9968635574. We will come and teach you absolutely free.


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Rakesh mehra
Rakesh mehra
1068 Days Ago
Very nice covrage to permote Yog And Happiness ..excellent selfless gernalism..thanks Akhilesh ji and city spidy ..for concerning and contributing social cause..