AOA election brings Fourth Avenue row to the fore 
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AOA election brings Fourth Avenue row to the fore 

The election sans polling exposes fissures between the residents and the management.

AOA election brings Fourth Avenue row to the fore 


The Fourth Avenue of residential town, Gaur City, elected a 10-member committee of apartment owners’ association (AOA) on Sunday. The entire committee, which includes three women members, has been declared elected unopposed. 

However, the posts of the members of the committee have yet to be decided.

Why was the voting process not followed? 

Answer to this query came from Vivek Raman, a resident of the society and one of the Election Committee (EC) members. He said, "As per the UP Apartment Act, as many as 10 members are required for a voting process. But the EC received only 10 applications. Hence, there was no question of voting. If the number had exceeded 10, we definitely would have conducted voting."

The members of the incumbent committee are: Hari Singh Jadaun, Jitender Kumar, Kavita Saini, Pramod Kumar Yadav, Sandeep Kumar, Satya Vir Singh, Shirkant Upadhyay, Sonia Panwar, Uma Bansal and Varun Tyagi.

As a matter of fact, the residents and management of the society are at loggerheads on various issues. Against this backdrop, formation of the AOA had become a much sought-after development in the society. As per the information available to CitySpidey, in the last few months, on two occasions the election process could not be held due to non-receipt of completion certificates (CC) from the Greater Noida Authority.

A resident, with request not to be named, said, "In view of conflict on various issues, the management of the society exerted pressure on the residents to form an AOA. Many a time, the management even expressed its inability to continue maintenance services at the current rate of maintenance charge while the residents were kept opposing hike in maintenance charges. But we are happy that finally an AOA committee is formed."

But, not to say the residents had to fight a long battle against the management before the committee was formed. Krishan 

Mohan, another resident said that the first and biggest obstacle was not having CC from the authority. "Without having CC of the society or a building, AOA could not have been formed. We met the authority officials and requested the management to get approval from the authority so that the AOA can formed."

"Many developmental projects approved for this plot by Greater Noida Authority are yet to completed. Construction is yet to start on some of them. Hence, the authority was reluctant to issue the CC of the building," he added.

The elected committee will be entrusted with the task of many developments required in the society. The society is home to 680 families (203 owners and tenants). They demand another gate in the society for separate entry and exit. At present, the society has only one gate for both entry and exit. Also, there is a single entry for parking area which is causing inconvenience to the residents.

Sandeep Kumar, one of the elected members, told City Spidey, "We are still at a nascent stage. We have to go a long way for the poll process. At least, we have planned to form advisory committees of the residents for their valuable inputs on developments required. Whatever be the development, it will be carried out with the consent of the residents and inputs from the advisory committee."