Maintenance a bone between RWAs and MCG
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Maintenance a bone between RWAs and MCG

RWAs want parks and community centres under them, MCG in no mood to give in to the demand.

Maintenance a bone between RWAs and MCG

Gurugram: A proposal of Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) councillors to maintain local parks and community centres own their own instead of Resident Welfare Associations (RWA) has once again become a bone of contention between the corporation and residents' representative bodies.

On Friday, a group of municipal councillors submitted a joint proposal to Mayor that maintenance of parks and community centres which is at present being looked after by the RWAs should be transferred to the MCG. However, the proposal did not go down well with the residents with nearly 60 RWAs in the city deciding to oppose it.

To make their voice heard, a group of representatives of RWAs on Sunday met a local politician Raman Mallik (BJP spokesperson) and expressed their disappointment over the issue. 

They wanted the proposal withdrawn as it would harm the interests of the RWAs, lest they would launch a massive protest.

During the meeting, the RWAs stressed that the maintenance of parks and community centers should remain with them, not the MCG. They also put forth another grievance that MCG should obtain a prior approval from the RWAs before undertaking any developmental projects.

The RWA representatives also demanded that pending dues of parks and community centres should be released immediately. As CitySpidey was informed, the MCG allocates Rs 2,5000 per month for maintenance of each community centre and Rs 3 per square meter per month for parks.

Suraj Bhola, general secretary of Sector 9A, said, "This proposal is not in the interest of the residents and we are not going to accept it at any circumstances. Till now, these councillors were fighting among themselves. Now, they are trying to undermine the role of RWAs just for the sake of grabbing power.”

He argued that they, being an elected body, are familiar with the need of our area. “How can a councillor, who has a larger area to administer can have a better understanding of the locality than the RWAs who are working with people for the last 20 years?"

The representatives also approached the Gurugram MP Rao Inderjit Singh on the matter and submitted a memorandum. 

Dinesh Vashisht, RWA President, Sector 3,5 and 6 said, "It is the most absurd plan. We are in clear disagreement with it. The councillors' demand is unreasonable as there is no objection or complaint from the residents on the maintenance of parks and community centres."

Meanwhile, Raman Malik, BJP state spokesman, said he is in touch with the Gurugram MLA and other government functionaries to resolve the matter. "The RWAs are equivalent to gram sabhas in a democracy and play a significant role in providing grassroots level development. They cannot be eliminated from the system. The councillors should work at a macro level not indulge in micromanagement.”

"I have acquainted the MLAs about the matter and will meet the MCG commissioner soon with all the RWA representatives. Also, we would write to the Chief Minister Office over the issue," Malik added.