Nine years on, chargesheet in hospital death case on Jan 23
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Nine years on, chargesheet in hospital death case on Jan 23

No respite to father in the quest of justice for a 10-year-old daughter.

Nine years on, chargesheet in hospital death case  on Jan 23

New Delhi: The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (NCT) revived a nine-year-old case of medical negligence after an order by Deputy Secretary of the Delhi Government. It submitted a detailed report on a case of death occurred in a private hospital in 2011 due to dengue. The casualty was alleged to have been the result of administration of prohibited medicine in the treatment of dengue patient. A fresh charge sheet will file on January 23. 

In the intervening nine years since the death of the patient, Ritu Kumari, more than 250 RTIs have been filed and thousands of correspondence made. But, no action has been taken by the local police and concern authorities in the case.

On October 21, 2011, 10-year-old Ritu admitted to RLKC Metro Heart Institute and Hospital of Pandav Nagar with fever purported to be due to dengue. During the treatment that followed in the hospital, her health showed improvement. But suddenly she got a renal infection. Doctors attending on her referred her to Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, where she died on October 26. 

The father of the child registered a complaint against the hospital saying they did not follow standard norms of treatment. Based on the complaint, an ethics committee was formed. The Delhi Medical Council (DMC) and Medical Council of India (MCI), in their reports, said no medical negligence was found in the case by the ethics committee. 

Meanwhile, Kumar, an employee of New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC), collected all the related documents off of the treatment through RTI. He used to file RTIs to find answers to his daughter's death. 

The RLKC Hospital is empanelled with the NDMC. Receiving an RTI reply which confirmed that the hospital had purchased and administered prohibited medicine vevoron to the deceased girl, the father met Chief Minster Arvind Kejriwal with all authentic papers of treatment to prove medical negligence. 

In 2018, the CM ordered a new committee to inquire into the case. A detailed report was given to the Delhi High Court and the local police was ordered to take action against the doctors who were present on duty then. 

Since Promod alleged that the local police was trying shield the culprits, the Ministry issued fresh order in the case giving a ray of hope to him in his quest for justice. 

Prashant, who is taking the side of Promod in the High Court, said that medical negligence is common but is not easy to prove. Doctor get away with it due to some or the other technical glitch. 

It needs to be noted here that Kumar has expended more than six lakh of his savings of his life in the case.