Noida to introduce smart meters to check wastage of water
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Noida to introduce smart meters to check wastage of water

Residents welcomed the measures as they hoped it would help in containing wastage.

Noida to introduce smart meters to check wastage of water

As is being forecast, most metropolitan cities will face acute water scarcity by 2030. Taking this scenario into consideration, the Noida Industrial Development Authority is planning to install smart water metres to reduce wastage or excessive use of the commodity. 

Avinash Tripathy, an officer on special duty with the authority, stated that the work had already been started in this direction. 

The officer was speaking at NGY Infra Conclave held at Hotel Radiation Blue, Sector 18 on Friday. He said that the work was at a primary stage.  

Residents aware of such measures hoped that it would help a lot as far as containing wastage of water is concerned. 

Rajiva Singh, president of the Federation of Noida Apartment Owners Association for high rises, said he, in fact, had written to the authority demanding such measures as it was going to make the residents accountable for using the water judiciously.

He said that currently, the water connection is taken by society while all the residents collectively contribute to charges for availing the service. What happens in the current situation is that all the families, irrespective of their size, use almost the same amount of water as they share the same contribution. Ideally, the consumption should be based on the size of a family, he said. 

"But when smart meters are installed, the bills would be raised according to the consumption volume of each individual family. Certainly, people would switch to economic ways of using water as they are doing in electricity consumption," he concluded.