M3M Woodshire residents rally for basic amenities
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M3M Woodshire residents rally for basic amenities

Scores of agitated residents gathered in the society premises holding banners and placards.

M3M Woodshire residents rally for basic amenities

Gurugram: Residents of M3M Woodshire, a residential complex in Sector 107, held a protest against the builder on Saturday over his unfulfilled promises. Scores of agitated residents gathered in the society premises holding banners and placards shouting slogans against the builder. 

The residents alleged that the builder had failed to provide them with the basic facilities such as potable water, electricity. On the other hand, despite levying high maintenance charges failed to fix seepage in the basement.

Pointing out that there was continuous flow of water in the basement weakening the foundations of the building, they demanded a third-party structural audit of the building.

As the basement is filled with water and a pungent smell is constantly emanating from it several incidents of quarrel have been reported among the residents over parking. 

They said that at the time of purchasing flats the builder told them that the revenue road was meant for visitors’ parking. 

Shravan Kumar, a resident of the society said, "The revenue road lies in the middle of the society which gives free pass to anyone to enter our society without any restriction. We feel cheated as the builder failed to provide the amenities that we were promised at the time of purchasing our homes. We have invested our hard earn money to have a safe and secure home, instead we are having a trouble time here." 

Now, they are planning to meet deputy commissioner, Department of Town Planning (DTP) Gurugram to demand action against the builder.

The homebuyers questioned the builder’s justification for levying high maintenance charge of Rs. 4.07 per sqft which include common area maintenance (CAM) and common area electricity (CAE) when he failed to provide basic amenities to them.

"We pay high maintenance charges yet do not get the kind of services we deserve. On the contrary we bear with inconvenience like the parks which are in bad shape, security lapses, basement in complete mess, health hazard due to open sewage dump from nearby village to name a few," said Atul Nagpal, another resident of the society. 

He said he was ready to pay up if the management justifies the expenditure. They have raised their complaints with the builder time and again, but to no avail. 

Meanwhile, the builder’s representatives informed that they were aware of the residents’ concerns and were working with multiple stakeholders to resolve the issues amicably. 

A M3M spokesperson said, "The maintenance bills have been reduced to Rs. 2.45 per sq ft per month after the maintenance company offered a timely payment rebate of Rs.0.32 per sq ft per month urging residents to pay their outstanding dues at the earliest.” 

In addition to TPR, the interest charged on the outstanding amount is also being waived off for the residents who cleared the outstanding dues by January 31, 2020. 

The spokesperson gave the following details in defence of the developer:

The total CAM due from the residents is over Rs. 3.5 crore which have put the salaries of the maintenance staff of the agency at stake. The maintenance staff is in fact protesting against the residents and demanding their salaries from them. Timely payment of CAM charges will aid in timely disbursal of salaries to the staff. 

Water is seeping on account of an ongoing construction of three bridges over the Najafgarh Drain by Delhi Government which originates near Woodshire and has restricted the water flow to 30 per cent of the total volume causing water levels to go up sharply that led to an increase in the water table of the surrounding area. 

The issue of water connection is already being handled by GMDA and they have assured a pipeline connection shortly. Additionally, we would also like to clarify that the revenue road belongs to the Panchayat of Dharampur village and does not fall into our ambit.