Choked drain stinks up Purvanchal Kailashdham SAS
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Choked drain stinks up Purvanchal Kailashdham SAS

Noida Authority claims it is helpless, as it requires permission from the Sector 50 RWA, which, for now, stands suspended.

Choked drain stinks up Purvanchal Kailashdham SAS

A choked drain in front of Purvanchal Kailash Dham SAS has been stinking up the place. The drain, supposed to carry only water, has been choked as a result of waste thrown into it and a bunch of pipes passing through it under a culvert, creating a bottleneck that prevents water flow.

The drain, part of the Sector 50 RWA, ends at a culvert, on which a ramp has been constructed by residents of the flats in front of it. The ramp covering the culvert was supposed to be broken to enable smooth water flow, but it was not possible without the permission of the Sector 50 RWA, which had been suspended a while back. Noida Authority said that in the absence of an RWA, demolishing the drain was not possible. The RWA of Kailash Dham has planned to meet Noida Authority officials to resolve the issue.

Abhay Gupta, RWA secretary of Purvanchal Kailash Dham SAS, told City Spidey that water from the drain was flowing backwards as a result of the blockage ahead. "Though the area is under the jurisdiction of the Sector 50 RWA, our society is the worst affected, as the drain is right in front of the society's gate. We are caught between Noida Authority and the Sector 50 RWA. I have written to the Authority multiple times, but there has been no word from it. It is disappointing." 

KV Singh, sanitation inspector of Noida Authority, had written to the Authority, stating the problem two months ago. No action yet has been taken on it.

"I had forwarded a letter to the project engineer, Work Circle 3, Noida Authority," said Singh. "The letter demanded the concerned official to construct a chamber near B175, at the source of culvert blockage. There are pipes passing through the culvert, leaving little space for water to flow through. I could not deploy anyone else from my team, as it was a risky job."

BM Singh, junior engineer of Noida Authority, told City Spidey that a joint meeting between residents and officials had been scheduled to discuss the dismantling of the ramp to create an outlet. "The meeting could not be convened as the Sector 50 RWA was suspended," said Singh.