Gurugram cops get tips to bust stress
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Gurugram cops get tips to bust stress

Odd working hours, a common refrain of police personnel, echoes in the session.

Gurugram cops get tips to bust stress

Gurugram: Around 600 police personnel of Gurugram district assembled in an auditorium on Monday. What was special about the meet is that it was not for a review of law and order situation, but for an interactive session to learn how to lead a stress-free life.

Called by top cops of the city, the two-hour-long session was aimed at helping the cops cope with anger and stress and maintain a healthy environment amidst high-pressure working routine. 

Usha Kundu, the assistant commissioner of police (headquarters), too joined the session along with all SHOs of different police stations of Gurugram.

The workshop, conducted by a social organisation, Soul Miracles, gave an ample opportunity to the cops to share their experience with stress. When the cops opened up, they were offered a solution to each of their woes. 

In the open interactive session, the cops raised several queries related to their own experiences while serving the people of the city. In the hi-tech city of Gurugram, the police are supposed to be on toes all the time. 

During the session, Manmeet Kumar, founder of the Soul Miracles, gave a lecture. During her talk, she answered each every query posed by the cops assembled there. She also taught them some exercises that help reduce pressure and, thereby, lead to a healthy stress-free life.

During the session, a cop complained of odd working hours.  He said the long duty hours strain their personal lives while affecting their performance. Responding to the complaint, Narendra Chauhan, a senior cop associated with Crime Investigation Team, said, "If you are passionate about your work, would sound like a meditation for you."

At the end of the session, the cops felt elated. They described it quite entertaining while being a great learning experience. 

Speaking about the session, Manmeet Kumar said, "Inner peace is the key to creating a powerful life. Gurugram police have taken a good initiative by looking at a practical solution to stress-related issues."