Dwarka immerses in Saraswati Puja celebrations
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Dwarka immerses in Saraswati Puja celebrations

Various cultural programmes were also organised at many places.

Dwarka immerses in Saraswati Puja celebrations

Dwarka: Saraswati Puja was celebrated in Dwarka with great zeal and passion on Thursday. Along with the worship, various cultural programmes were also organised at many places in the entire sub-city. 

Social organisations, Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) or other institutions conducted these programmes. At many places, the Saraswati Puja was organised by the Durga Puja Committee of Bangali Community in Dwarka. 

Saraswati Puja was organised by Deepanvita, Bangia Samaj, Aaikotan, Dakshinayan committees at sectors 22, 6 and 4.  

One of the biggest pujas in Dwarka was organised by Sambhav Puja Samiti at Sector 14, Sambhav Chowk. People from the community, RWAs of Sector 13 and 14, social groups and other community groups participated in the celebration.  

In the celebration, various types of religious, cultural and recreational activities were organised. SS Jha of Sambhav Puja Samiti said, “Apart from religious activities, we have different types of events during the celebration by the community for the community.” 

“Painting competition, musical chair competition, tambola, dance drama, orchestra, bhajans and ghazal programmes are the attractions on the occasion. To encourage the children, we will give them gifts and prizes for their performance in various activities and competition. The most encouraging thing this year is the large number of participation of women and children of Sector 13 and14.”

At Radhika Apartments in Sector 14, puja was organised by residents under the aegis of Saraswati Puja Samiti. 

Rajeev Ranjan Srivastava from Radhika Puja Samiti said, “We started it this year and it is just a puja. From next year, we will be doing it at a bigger level. Response from the residents is overwhelming and we are happy to start this.”

Members of Sambhav Puja Samiti lighting the ceremonial lamp

Winners of painting competition being given prizes at Sambhav Puja celebration

Members of Radhika Sarswati Puja Samiti with idol of Goddess Sarswati

Community women in traditional yellow attire during a celebration of Basant Panchmi at Sector 4

Children from Choti Si Khushi NGO performing during celebration of Basant Panchami