State admin asks Deputy Registrar to set up office at Ghaziabad
State admin asks Deputy Registrar to set up office at Ghaziabad
Ashish Srivastava
State admin asks Deputy Registrar to set up office at Ghaziabad
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State admin asks Deputy Registrar to set up office at Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad: The state administration of Uttar Pradesh has asked the Deputy Registrar (DR) of Meerut to submit a proposal to set up a camp office in Ghaziabad. The Sahibabad MLA Sunil Sharma had earlier written a letter to demand office of Deputy Registrar in Ghaziabad.

In Sharma's letter, it was mentioned, “It is noteworthy that after independence, the office of deputy registrar was set up in Meerut. Since then it has not been expanded to cover other areas whereas the population has increased manifold.”

Acting upon the letter sent by Sharma, the state secretary asked the DR to submit a proposal of establishing his camp office in Ghaziabad as soon as possible.

However, Sharma was prompted by the efforts of Indirapuram-based Federation of Apartments Owners Association (FedAOA). The FedAOA has been demanding for setting up camp office of DR since 2016. 

Alok Kumar, founder of the FedAOA has been very active and vocal about this issue since the very beginning. Kumar gave two reasons to validate their demand – distance and the lack of coordination. 

“The city has close to 500 housing societies. Residents frequently travel to Meerut-based office with issues related to management and elections in the society. The Deputy Registrar should open its camp office in any of the societies in Ghaziabad. It will bring a lot of relief to the residents. They will be able to save their time and money,” he said.

Citing an example, Kumar said. “It took me one-and-a-half years and around 60 visits to the Deputy Registrar’s office to get a single registration for the federation.”

“The Deputy Registrar just have to take out a day in a week and come to Ghaziabad to listen our grievances. There are times when we go to his office and the concerned officers are not available. It is wastage of our time and effort. The camp office would solve these pertinent issues,” suggested Kumar.

The other reason that this federation gave was the lack of coordination between the development authorities and office of Deputy Registrar. 

“There are various issues related to development where the consent of competent development authorities are required. But due to the lack of coordination, our files and requests keep on hanging between authorities and deputy registrar’s office,” said Kumar.

Kumar further said that there will be a better coordination between governing authorities if the the camp office of DR is set up in the same city where the development authority is situated.

Currently, the issues related to registration, election and auditing of societies are addressed at the office of DR situated in Meerut.