Mayur Vihar 3: Demand for metro connectivity gets louder, shriller
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Mayur Vihar 3: Demand for metro connectivity gets louder, shriller

On Sunday, an awareness meeting was organised on various issues.

Mayur Vihar 3: Demand for metro connectivity gets louder, shriller

New Delhi: Demand for metro connectivity for Mayur Vihar Phase 3 is growing louder and shriller by the day. More than two dozen associations have come together to press for the demand for metro apart from other basic amenities in the area. 

On Sunday, an awareness meeting was organised on various issues confronting the residents of the locality. 

Vinod Kumar Nair, the convener of United Forum of Residents from Kondali, Khora and Noida, said, “Even though revenue collection of our area is quite high, we have been totally ignored by the authorities when it comes to development.”

Listing the factors that renders the area unhygienic, he pointed out that slaughter house, murga mandi (chicken market), Ghazipur landfill, STTP Plant and liquor shops all lie in their area.
“We live in pollution 24/7. The water supplied to us gets mixed with sewage as the pipelines are worn out,” said Nair. 

He wants all the dark spots illuminated by installing new stamp poles replacing the damaged ones. Nair also said that major roads should be rebuilt and handed over to Public Work Department (PWD). 

“We are not begging, but demanding our right,” he asserted. 

The residents have decided to carry out a "Maha Peacefull Protest Rally" on February 16 at 2:30 pm from Khora Chowk and Vasundhara Enclave to expose the lackadaisical attitude of the government. 

“We don't want to politicise the matters, hence, we decided to wait till the Assembly elections. This rally is a warning,” Nair added.

KP  Koodapram
KP Koodapram
843 Days Ago
It is a genuine demand of people in this area. We don't have even a good bus waiting shelter here. All the bus waiting shelters are without roof and rusty. I hope the authorities will hear our demands this time, which is pending for a long time.
Vinod K  Nair
Vinod K Nair
843 Days Ago
Elected representatives should ensure our area Developments on their Top priority after election.
We UNITED FORUM OF RESIDENTS will stay United till we achieve our goal
1.Metro Rail Connectivity
2.Barahpullah Extn upto Gazipur police station for Mv3 residents
3.Rebuild of all DAMAGED DDA ROADS and handover it to PWD
4.Handover and Takeover of water supply from DDA to DJB urgently
5.Replacing of Pipelines, the drinking water mixing with sewage line most of the areas
6.Installation or replacing of Poles for covering up dark spots with LED light and also Install Highmast LED light in all KONDLI Major Chowks.
7.Permanent solution for STP plant which causes pollution as well as foul odour.It should be rearranged scientifically with a long vision
8.Permanent solution for Gazipur land fill garbage dumpyard and should be cleared off with a time period of max 1 year by adding more machines
9.Regulate slaughter house pollution
10.Installation of high power Smog pollution ABSORBANT tower in Mayur Vihar Phase 3 for
overcoming 24/7 pollution created by Govt authorities due to above dumps
12.Control over LIQUOR shops and few should be shifted immediately like LIQUOR SHOP AT LSC SFS INFRONT OF SMRITIVAN AND INFRONT OF RYAN SCHOOL
13.Building of Hospitals
14.Consuder to shift proposed New Adhok nagar station for Rapid Trasist System Rail nearer to Vasundhara enclave Dharam shila hospital


Vinod K Nair