Premier township Gaur City grapples with management's whims and fancies
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Premier township Gaur City grapples with management's whims and fancies

The rift between Gaur City management and over 10,000 residents has deepen on various issues.

Premier township Gaur City grapples with management's whims and fancies

Greater Noida: A day long protest of residents, belonging to Gaur City’s 1st Avenue against alleged suspension of maintenance and waste disposal system, forced local police to intervene in the matter and the services were then resumed by the management. 

However, the rift between Gaur City management and over 10,000 residents accommodating Gaur City Town in Greater Noida West has deepen on various issues.

Sunday’s protest was a pre-planned agitation by the residents of 1st Avenue, which emerged due to differences between the elected Apartment Owners Association (AOA) and the management on some key demands of the residents. Residents alleged the management wanted to forcefully handover the maintenance to AOA without completing pending works in the society.

Before the elected AOA got handover of the maintenance of the society, a memorandum of transfer (MOT) was to be signed between the current management and AOA, however, the differences derailed the process and it resulted agitation from the residents.

Anil Maheswari, President of Gaur City’s 1st Avenue, said, “Earlier, the management forced us to conduct election, however, we agreed and AOA was formed. Now, the management want to handover the society to AOA, whereas, many things are still incomplete. Our society is lacking in fire NOC, STP, greenery and many more. The procedure of signing is underway and we demanded to complete all development works before handover, but the management refused.”

Same kind of conflict in all Avenues of Gaur City

The Gaur City in Greater Noida West is the largest residential society, which at present, accommodates over 10,000 people in different Avenues’ various multistoried buildings. It comprises of nearly a dozen Avenues. The Gaur City town has two parts – Gaur City 1 (Avenue 1, 4, 5, 6 and 7 ) and Gaur City 2 (Avenue 10, 11, 12, 14 and 16).

Most of these Avenues are filled with residents and AOA has been formed (except two Avenues 6 and 16 which are yet to form an AOA) under the UP Apartment Act, however, any society (Avenue) is to get handover to its elected AOA so far.

As per the residents, most of the Avenues have formed AOA, however, they have same battle with the management. Preet Bhargava, a member of AOA in 5th Avenue of Gaur City said, “All residents of Gaur City have the same issue. Firstly, we were pressurised to form an AOA and now they (builder) are willing to run away after handing over the societies incomplete. DG sets, green belt area within the societies, Interest Free Maintenance Security (IFMS) are key issues in almost societies. The management want to handover societies forcefully which is causing conflict.”

Babita Jha, Vice President of 12th Avenue talking to CitySpidey said, “An MOT has been signed in my society but still there are some differences on many issues. The management is using the same tactics. Firstly, they would suspend maintenance services and security and then will force residents to form AOA. Now, when almost all the societies have formed AOAs, they are grappling with same issues.”

“The protest that occurred at Gaur City's 1st Avenue is not new. This kind of approach seen in almost every Avenue in Gaur City and the threat to remove security, not picking up garbage and not taking recharge has been faced by all,” said Amit Sharma, a resident of 6th Avenue.

Vivek Raman Tiwari, a residents of 4th Avenue said, “The builder has taken residents for granted and wanted to run system at his own terms and condition. This will happen in 4th Avenue also in future.”

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It is not a premier city it is a budget township under development dust everywhere full of pollution every one in three children are infected with flu with change of weather no reliable transport,medical worst no dispensary no post office biggest security concern and above all Gaur wants to leave from incomplet basic facilities.