Growing market sans parking creates bottleneck on road
Growing market sans parking creates bottleneck on road
Akhilesh Pandey
Growing market sans parking creates bottleneck on road
Photo: CitySpidey

Growing market sans parking creates bottleneck on road

Dwarka: Sector 12 of the sub-city has started facing parking problem as a growing number of markets in the area lack in space to park the vehicles. There is no parking provision for such commercial places as vehicles are seen parked on the roads. 

The parking situation is going from bad to worse with the passage of time. Alongside the road from the chowk of Sector 4/12 near Dwarka International School to Bal Bharti School, Vidyut Chowk and KM Chowk vehicles can be seen parked on the roadside leaving little space passing vehicles and almost no space for pedestrians. 

Anjna Sinha, a resident of Sector 12, said, “On this particular stretch, you can see commercial activities on the rise with the emergence of a bustling market. As a prime commercial hub, most buildings here have shops, banks, institutes etc. But the parking space here is too less to meet the demand as the commercials establishments are close to the road.

The roadside shops have encroached upon the pavement. As the market is growing people in the area are bound to face harrowing time to commute in in future. 

With the commercial establishments lined up alongside the road from KM Chowk to Vidyut Chowk and near the cut in front of Bal Bharti School here leaving no space for parking visitors have no option but to park their vehicles on the road. 

Vehicles and buses can be seen parked on roads in front of Bal Bharti School too. Inside the sector near a private hospital and Captain Mohan Chand Sharma Community Centre of Corporation, vehicles are parked alongside the roads. 

Residents of societies like Shivam Apartments, Subham Apartments, Apartments etc. are facing a tough time due to the parked vehicles on the roadside in front of the societies. They have complained about it to the civic bodies but no relief is forthcoming in this direction. 

Pankaj a resident of Abhiyan Apartments has been writing to the authorities on the matter. He said, “New offices are coming up in the area and they have no parking space. Not even the Rockland Hospital is managing its parking despite the fact that it has an underground parking space. I could not understand how the civic bodies have failed in planning for parking in this area. They should think of it seriously.”

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