Samachar Apartments had a surprise waiting this evening...

Photo: Praveen Dwivedi
Posted: Jul 17, 2016

There was a surprise waiting for residents of Samachar Apartments on Sunday. The RWA of Mayur Vihar I, in collaboration with students of Miranda House College, had organised a street play in the evening.

At around 5.45 pm, residents started peeking out of their homes as slogans inviting them to come watch the play were echoing through the colony. Soon after, the student group, under the name 'Atisi', started the street-play session bang in the middle of the society.

The street play was about freedom of women and their rights. It wasn't a surprise that the women who had just been curiously watching the show from their balconies were soon in the front row of the 100-strong audience, applauding and cheering the performers on.

Nalini Singh, a former student of Miranda House College and resident of Samachar Apartment, said, “It was a great play. I was especially impressed with their take on the subject."

Sarmishtha Mukherjee, another resident, who is involved in social work and teaching, even invited the artists to perform at her apartment.

"It was great to see Sarmishtha Mukherjee encouraged the young group," said NP Radhakrishnan, president of the RWA.

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