Authority-supplied Ganga jal: To drink or not to drink
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Authority-supplied Ganga jal: To drink or not to drink

Even as Noida Authority plans to launch an awareness campaign to encourage people to drink Ganga water without further treatment, 80 per cent of residents say they would never give up purifying water via an RO system.

Authority-supplied Ganga jal: To drink or not to drink

Noida Authority is all set to start an awareness programme encouraging residents to drink Ganga water supplied by the Jal Division. The programme is planned to be launched in Sector 27, Noida.

The Authority officials plan to meet residents and RWA members from across Noida and elucidate the benefits of using the supplied Ganga water for drinking. The officials will also try and change the popular notion that the supplied water is unfit for drinking.

Speaking to City Spidey, SK Srivastav, section officer of Jal Division of Noida Authority, said that they would discourage residents from using RO (reverse osmosis) water-purifying systems in their households, as the supplied water did not need further purification.

City Spidey discussed the matter with residents to get an idea of the consensus. It turns out almost 80 per cent of residents were not ready to give up the use of RO systems. "How can people stop using RO when the hardness of water supplied by Noida is so high? It's a fact that the drinking water supplied in Noida is unsuitable for drinking. Most Noida residents have to resort to bottled water for drinking," said Reema Singh, resident of Sector 27.

Another resident of the sector, Rajeev Garg, however, has a different opinion. "It's okay to drink the supplied Ganga water, as the RO system strips water of minerals such as iron and calcium."