Dogs and monkeys rule the roost in Noida and GreNo West
Dogs and monkeys rule the roost in Noida and GreNo West
Mirah Zamin
Dogs and monkeys rule the roost in Noida and GreNo West Scary stroll: Who will have the nerve to cross their path
Photo: CitySpidey

Dogs and monkeys rule the roost in Noida and GreNo West

Noida: Eighty-year-old Sulochna Devi was sunbathing outside her house in Noida's Sector 22 on Friday when she was suddenly attacked by a stray dog. 

Menace of the strays in the district doesn't end here. Last week, street dogs attacked two children aged 8 and 10 in a pack at H-block of Sector 22.

Even as Noida was declared a smart city on Friday, it could not shed the dubious distinction it achieved in the incidents of dog bites which are increasing with each passing day.

Vishnu Saini, a resident of Supertech Ecociti in Sector 137, said theirs is the worst-hit society. "The basement parking is full of strays. So much so that residents are scared of parking their cars in their allotted spaces. Parents do not allow kids to play in open area for fear of attack by stray dogs," he narrated.

Sitting nonchalantly at the platform of Sector 18 metro station

These creatures (the dogs) can be found anywhere and everywhere, from roads to public parks, residential societies to markets, metro stations to schools. 

Recently, a 12-year-old girl was badly injured by a stray inside the premises of a prominent school in the city when she stepped out of her classroom to use the washroom.

Not only this, woman residents of Sector 41 and 50 Market have complained that they had to run for their life when packs of dogs attacked them. Subhashni of Sector 41 said, "They (the dogs) come for you if you are carrying anything. I escaped from being attacked while heading home last week carrying packets of sweets from the C-block market."

While the strays have become a nuisance, the situation arising from pet dogs in the city is no different in the absence of rules. 

Col P Chandra (Retd) from Aditya Urban Casa in Sector 78 said, “My society has a good number of pet dogs. But the owners are oblivious of the problems others face. The pet parents let these dogs relieve themselves in the common areas. Quite often dog feces are found in the basement parking lot, lifts and green area. This is a hygiene issues serious.”

He added, "We blame the street dogs of attacking us on roads, but there have been instances where pet animals have attacked and bitten children."

While the dog menace still eludes a solution, monkeys in highrises and public places have become a new nuisance.

Brajesh Sharma of Antriksh Golf View takes metro for his office several times a week, Every time he steps in the station, he has to be extra vigilant because of dogs and monkeys roaming around freely. Talking to CitySpidey, he said the metro station is no zoo, it is scary to see monkeys around as these mammals can harm anyone.

While the monkeys of Noida are found in public places, the mammal has a larger presence in the highrises of Greater Noida West. They can be spotted in the balconies and kitchen area stealing food and throwing away drying clothes.

Anita Prajapati of Gaur City Sixth avenue told this reporter that a few days ago a troop of monkey entered her society and littered it with garbage kept outside houses in every tower. Luckily no one was harmed in their spree to search for the place.

Demanding a stricter action, Sanwarjeet Dasoundi of Gaur Sports woods, said, "The authority is content with sterilising the stray every time a complaint is made. But no concrete action has ever been taken to solve the matter once and for all."

After speaking to several resident welfare associations, apartment owners associations and other social groups of Noida, CitySpidey came to the conclusion that the stray menace deep-rooted. From police complaints to protest to letters and representations from district magistrate to chief minister, nothing could bring any respite from the menace. 

Simian terror: The refrigerator is not safe from the monkeys even on the 10th floor of Sector 137.

Unlawful assembly: No Section 144 for them