Brave juice seller dodges bullet to prevent ATM robbery at Nehru Nagar
Brave juice seller dodges bullet to prevent ATM robbery at Nehru Nagar
Ashish Srivastava
Brave juice seller dodges bullet to prevent ATM robbery at Nehru Nagar
Photo: CitySpidey

Brave juice seller dodges bullet to prevent ATM robbery at Nehru Nagar

New Delhi: In a display of sheer bravery, a young juice seller prevented a major robbery after dodging a bullet at market area of Nehru Nagar, South Delhi in early morning of Tuesday. The bullet was fired by the alleged robbers when the young man confronted them while they were attempting the robbery.

The sound of bullet drew attention of the guards guarding the colony's gates and residents. They rushed to the scene. Watching this, the robbers escaped from the spot.

21-year-old Nazim Ahmed told that he was sleeping inside his juice shop when around 5:15 am, he heard loud noise that seemed like a heavy object is being dragged. “The shutter of my shop was down. When I raised it, I saw two men dragging the ATM machine outside the booth which was situated adjacent to my shop. I went ahead and tried to stop them. That is when they attacked me,” he told CitySpidey.

Ahmed claimed that the robbers were armed with pistol and iron rod. “Initially, they pushed me but I retaliated and started shouting for help. To stop me from shouting, they attacked me with the rod. However, I also fought back. One of the robbers then aimed pistol towards me and fired. Luckily, I dodged and escaped the shot,” he added.

The loud sound of fired bullet drew attention of security guards deployed at the entrance of Nehru Nagar Colony. They ran towards the spot. Meanwhile, residents taking a morning walk also rushed to the spot. Watching the crowd approaching, the robbers immediately fled the scene leaving behind the ATM machine and the pistol in the hurry. 

Later, Sachin Shah, president of Nehru Nagar RWA called the police. “I was informed by the guard. I immediately rushed to the spot and called the police,” he said. 

Surprisingly, no security guard was present at the ATM booth during the time of the incident.

Ahmed told that the robbers jumped in an SUV, where a third man was already present, and drove away. He also claimed that the robbers had brought a trolley which was tucked behind the SUV. However, due to darkness, Ahmed was unable to read the registration number of the SUV, he said. 

Besides, the CCTV footage of the camera installed in the market does not clearly shows the registration number of the vehicle. 

Pankaj Malik, SHO Lajpat Nagar told CitySpidey that the police has widen the search radius to fetch electronic surveillance. “We are examining CCTV footages of all cameras installed near the spot. Once we spot the vehicle, we will get the registration number of the vehicle used in the crime and will run in our database for further investigation,” he said. However, he also informed that the pistol recovered from the spot was unlicenced.

Meanwhile the confrontation with the robbers had left Ahmed injured. He has received injuries on his chest. However, Ahmed is receiving praises for his act of bravery. “He confronted the perpetrators without fearing for his life. This gesture is commendable,” Shah praised.