Mayur Vihar: Labour class completely oblivious to coronavirus outbreak
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Mayur Vihar: Labour class completely oblivious to coronavirus outbreak

The guard at the entrance was clueless about a man having the deadly virus.

Mayur Vihar: Labour class completely oblivious to coronavirus outbreak

New Delhi: When CitySpidey reporter visited the neighbouring flat of a man confirmed positive with coronavirus in Delhi, a woman wearing mask shouted, “Please don't come here.” The reporter saw two women on the balcony of the flat. They seemed reluctant to talk to the reporter.

Following this, the reporter went ahead talking to the housemaids, guards and other labour class of the area about their knowledge of the virus or if anyone has spoken to them about it.

Suneeta, who works at a dozen of houses in Block E in Mayur Vihar Phase 2, was oblivious to the outbreak which has happened in India.

Accompanying her was Rani who asked, “What kind of illness is that? Is that fever?” Five minutes into the conversation, the reporter was sure that while the news about the man had spread like a fire amongst the residents of the area, the daily helpers had no idea about it.

When asked whether anybody told them to cover their face or mouth, the question surprised them. But after little hesitance, Suneeta said, “One of my employer today asked me if I still have cough (I was coughing last week) but I clarified to her that the coughing is not TB ( tuberculosis).” She added, “My aunty’s daughter lost employment because she had tuberculosis. Since then if I ever cough and I take precaution.”

While the residents of the area were seen wearing white masks to protect themselves, the guard at the entrance was clueless about any such activity or a man having the deadly virus which is person-to-person communicable. 

Going further, CitySpidey reporter asked an auto-rickshaw driver about why everyone is wearing mask. To which, the auto-rickshaw driver casually said, “It must be because of pollution.”  The man further said, “There is some new illness which came from china, because these Chinese eat raw meat and what not.” 

Negligence on part of authorities?

The Mayur Vihar Phase 2 area, where the man resides and family is under quarantine has free-flow of entry and exit, the building in which the man’s house is located can be accessed by anyone. The authority has taken no measures to create any awareness even in pocket E. 

The Resident Welfare Association (RWA) was not given any advisory. The members of the association only came to know about the incident through newspapers and news channels.

The question which remains is that if the machinery of state is deemed fit to deal with the outbreak why is it not creating more awareness. Davinder Julta, the RWA president of Pocket E, Mayur Vihar Phase 2  speaking to the CitySpidey said they will approach Manish Sisodia to seek directions on ways to handle the situation. She said that soon RWAs of all the pockets will organise a meeting to discuss the matter.

She also agreed that while residents have little awareness, the maids who come to work should also be educated.