Adopt Formula C, keep COVID-19 at bay
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Adopt Formula C, keep COVID-19 at bay

The formula comes in handy to educate people on ways to guard against the virus threat.

Adopt Formula C, keep COVID-19 at bay

Experts in the field of medicine have been educating people on how to avoid viral infections. Now that COVID-19 threat has become real in the country some easy points under what's called as Formula C are can be the best bet to avoid the infection.

Devised by CMAAO, Formula C comes in handy to educate people, along with children, on ways to guard oneself against the virus threat. Children too can't remain immune from it when schools are on high alert. 

Dr K K Agarwal, president of the CMAAO, the HCFI and former president of of the Indian Medical Association (IMA), pointed out that medicine for coronavirus has not been invented as yet. Pharmaceutical companies are trying hard to find a cure for the infection. 

He, however, appreciated the fact that the infection is preventable. For prevention, he offers the simple Formula C. All that one needs to do is remember the simple formula that can protect from getting infected. 

Here is the Formula C! Read on...

 -         Corona, COVID starts with C

-         China Pneumonia was the earliest name

 -         Containment is feasible

 -         Chain of transmission needs to be broken

 -         Avoid COHORT of Contacts

 -         Contact tracing is the most important step

-          Care of the elderly, they are at the highest risk

-         Convince the patients to wear surgical masks

-         Cough not to be ignored, be it corona or TB

-         Follow CDC (the Center for Disease and Control of America) guidelines

-         Chaos in Iran, do not let it happen in your country

-         Chloroquine can be tried

-         Stay Connected with updates

-         Critical cases: requiring mechanical ventilation has a high mortality rate

-         No CONTACT policy with social distancing

-         Checklist of hospitals

-         CONTROLLED measures

-         Congenital: No evidence of congenital COVID-19