Successful all-woman RWA breaks this one glass ceiling too
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Successful all-woman RWA breaks this one glass ceiling too

The RWA of Pink Town House in DLF Phase 3 is all about women empowerment.

Successful all-woman RWA breaks this one glass ceiling too

As the world is celebrating International Women’s Day today to salute the spirit of women, breaking gender stereotypes a residential society here has set an example in women’s emancipation. A team of five incredible women are managing the day-to-day affairs of the society for the last one year.

The all-woman RWA of Pink Town House in DLF Phase 3 is all about women empowerment. The governing body of the RWA has no male member.

The team consists of President Harsharan Kaur Matharu, General Secretary Ritu Naresh, Joint Secretary Anjana Chauhan, Treasurer Pooja Dhir and Executive Member Meenakshi Sharma. The post for vice-president is vacant as of now.

Managing the society’s affairs is no cakewalk for any RWA. Over and above as ladies the RWA members faced a lot of challenges and even obstructions while carrying out their civic responsibilities. 

However, these strong-willed women did not budge while helming the society’s administration with sheer determination and hard work.

At 85, Harsharan Kaur Matharu, is leading the society from the front. The guiding figure always ready to lead is never found wanting when in need. However, she gives the entire credit for managing the society well and keeping everyone happy to her “amazing girls”. 

“It is not easy to manage the society affairs where you have to constantly deal with the government officials. What’s crucial is maintaining a balance between the society and the family. Yet we could successfully manage it for an entire year,” said Harsharan Kaur.

Theirs was quite an eventful tenure when the society of around 400 families transitioned into a community. This is the positive outcome of having women at the helm. 

“The one thing that sets us apart from the rest,” General Secretary Ritu Naresh feels “is the empathy and sense of responsibility that we women have towards others. However, we were not prepared for the tasks as it’s quite different from what we have experienced in the society.” 

Sharing her experiences, the woman who holds key post in the RWA, said every society faces infighting and dissensions. 

“We sailed through all the challenges that came our way and came up in flying colours. Each of us has her family obligations and professional priorities. But our family members are very supportive and always keen to help us in any way they can,” she said. 

Treasurer Pooja  Dhir says if one has plans for something which is good for the overall society, obstacles can be overcome through hard work. Initially, people question the proficiency of women to handle things efficiently. But gradually they accept them and respect their decision.