Rose garden in full bloom beckons you in Dwarka
Rose garden in full bloom beckons you in Dwarka
Akhilesh Pandey
Rose garden in full bloom beckons you in Dwarka
Photo: CitySpidey

Rose garden in full bloom beckons you in Dwarka

Dwarka: If you are a nature lover and passionate about exploring the flowers in their pristine glory, here is an opportunity for you. Visit the sub city's Garden Fro to enjoy the beautiful sight of different species of roses in full bloom.

It is an exclusive rose garden developed by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) in Sector 16C under the Master Plan Green area. With the onset of spring the newly developed garden is in full swing. 

According to DDA officials, there are about 100 types of roses in the garden. 

One of the residents of Dwarka at Rose Garden

Deputy Director of Horticulture, DDA, Dwarka FS Chahar, said, “Many of the roses are rare. This is first of its kind garden in entire Delhi. It is a unique garden where roses are set in a definite pattern and landscape to give an aesthetic look. Of the 100 varieties, there are 27 with fragrance.”

According to the officials, the garden is on a plot of land at the heart of a 12-acre green area. This had been in a deserted state for a long time. Now, the DDA is developing it thoroughly dedicating it to nature. 

Rose Garden

The rose garden is on a five-acre land while the rest of the area is occupied by a woodland and fruit garden to attract birds. The fruit garden, which is called orchard by the DDA, has also been fully developed. 

Apart from these, there are jogging tracks and lawns interconnected so that one can roam in the entire green area. 

Central Lawn at Rose Garden

Another assistant director of horticulture who is looking after the rose garden, Rajpal Singh, said, “In the orchard part, there are about 40 types of fruit plants to attract birds. Besides, a parabolic structure has been erected with dead plants and trees to give it a different look. 

The orchard occupies two-acre of land while on the rest of the area the woodland has been developed. 

So, here is a beautiful reason to visit the place specially for children who could get all the information they want to gather about plants and flowers. There is a description panel hanging on each plant for the convenience of the visitors. So, a visit to the Rose Garden would prove both an excursion and educational trip.

Visitors enjoy looking at rare species of roses like the Black Rose, roses in the bunch, multi-coloured rose and rose with changing colour. 

General secretary of RWA, Studio Apartments Sector 16B. Ramesh Mumukshu, said, “The Rose Garden is unique and is now a favourite destination for the community people. I always visit here and enjoy nature. Roses here are in numerous verities. We are attached to them, watching them, knowing them and feeling them.

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