DLF City, Ph I, Gurgaon: Taps continue to run dry
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DLF City, Ph I, Gurgaon: Taps continue to run dry

Residents continue to face water scarcity, despite tall claims by HUDA only yesterday to normalise supply due to a leakage in a master pipeline near Signature Tower.

DLF City, Ph I, Gurgaon: Taps continue to run dry

Despite the tall claims of the Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA), which said it was carrying out repairs on a master pipeline leak near Signature Tower, taps ran dry even on the third day in DLF City Phase 1, Gurgaon.

HUDA has been able to supply only 2 million litres of water per day (MLD) against the daily requirement of 7 MLD. Hence, residents have been left with no other option but to buy drinking water to meet their needs.

The supply to the area has been decreasing over the past five months. In June, there was an acute shortage, and residents had to depend on private water tankers for 15 days. Nearly 50,000 residents living in DLF City are paying through their nose for water tankers and drinking water cans.

Another reason for the shortage is the reduced supply from HUDA water treatment plants at Basai and Chandu Budhera. Basai normally supplies 60 millions of gallons per day (MGD) and the Chandu Budhera plant supplies 44 MGD. On Tuesday, the supply was reduced to 50 MGD and 40 MGD, respectively.

“The supply of water from HUDA was interrupted because of certain technical faults, causing great difficulty for residents. Hence, as a temporary measure, we released water from our private reservoirs and supplied it to all households,” a DLF spokesperson said.

Residents allege that the government has failed to provide even the basic facilities. “Every day, the authorities give us a different excuse. It seems like the water crisis will continue, as there’s just no solution at hand. On Tuesday evening too, supply continued for just about 15 minutes. Every summer, the water situation gets so difficult,” said Suman Bhateja, a resident of N block.