Samachar Apartments, MV-1 Ext: Probe reveals security lapse
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Samachar Apartments, MV-1 Ext: Probe reveals security lapse

Lax security at the society could have, perhaps, led to an easy escape by the suspect, reveals CCTV footage.

Samachar Apartments, MV-1 Ext: Probe reveals security lapse

Investigation into the murder of a 65-year-old retired government at Samachar Apartments of Mayur Vihar Phase 1Extension revealed how lax security could have possibly led to the crime that has stunned the entire society. 

President of Samachar Apartments RWA, NP Radhakrishnan, told City Spidey that the CCTV footage of Gate No 1, when carefully examined by the police, revealed that the guard deployed was negligent and did not perform his duty properly.

He said that the police have told them that between 10.30 am and 11 am, a woman dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, who had her face covered with a scarf, entered from Gate No 1. The woman apparently wrote a fictitious name in the entry register, and a random flat number. The police have seized the register to examine it further.

The security guard on duty did not ask the woman to remove her scarf. One-and-a-half hours later, the same woman exited Gate No 3 carrying a TV with her. That same security guard was shifted to Gate No 3, as revealed in the duty roster. Even after noticing an LED TV with the woman, he did not ask a single question. He did not even ask her to remove her scarf, Radhakrishnan told City Spidey.

Radhakrishnan added that the victim’s flat was not connected with the intercom, as the family had moved in just a few months back. “The intercom facility was supposed to be installed next month. Had intercom been available, the guard at the gate could have called up the flat mentioned by the visitor. That could have, perhaps, averted the tragedy,”  he adds.