Amrapali Silicon City fights to keep COVID-19 at bay
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Amrapali Silicon City fights to keep COVID-19 at bay

Amrapali Silicon City fights to keep COVID-19 at bay

Amrapali Silicon City fights to keep COVID-19 at bay

Noida: While districts across India have been under lockdown, section 144 is imposed, the resident governing body of Amrapali Silicon City in sector 76 here, have been taking some preventive measures to keep their society secure.

Amrapali Silicon City has some 2,158 occupied flats and many others are under construction which makes it far more essential for the Silicon City Social Welfare Association (SCSWA) to take care of proper sanitation and hygiene facility.

To keep the virus at bay, the association has been taking extra care about the hygiene, lifts interior including buttons are being cleaned thrice daily, all objects in common areas like benches, tables, door handles are disinfected twice daily. Instructions to wash or sanitize hands have been pasted in all towers, gates and common areas. Bottles of sanitizers have been kept at all entry/exit points of the society from towers to gates. The society is cleaned with bleach powder once a week.

Not just sanitization, the residents of the society are being extra cautious and have implemented gate restrictions, no visitor is allowed in the society till March 31. The society has five gates, but for better monitoring, only one gate is operational while all others have been shut. All vendors except milk and water vendors have been restricted to enter the city.

As it is said that coronavirus stays on objects for 24 hours, all parcels and courier are to be delivered at the main gate from where the resident can collect it after 24 hours.

A wash-basin has also been installed at the main gate with a soap. Thermal scanning has been made compulsory for everyone including residents who are asked to self-quarantine in case they have a temperature higher than 99 degrees.

It has been made compulsory for residents returning from abroad to self-quarantine, details of which are maintained online. In order to monitor such cases, cameras are installed at their doors and all necessary items are provided without them stepping out.

For elderly people, a separate helpline has been made available while the on-going works by NBCC contractors have also been stopped in the wake of novel coronavirus.