Photo: Samrat Roy
Noida: SDM lifts restriction on Sector 50 RWA’s bank account

Posted: Jul 23, 2016     By Ramesh Kumar

The sub divisional magistrate wrote to the branch manager of Indian Bank, Noida, on Friday ordering the bank to lift the restriction on transactions from the bank account of the RWA of Sector 50.

The order came two days after the Allahabad High Court overruled the sub divisional magistrate’s order of annulling the sector’s RWA election, and instructed the authority to let the resident body function smoothly till further hearing.

The bank account was frozen following a complaint from a resident of the sector against Vimal Sharma, president of the RWA, of misusing residents’ money collected as maintenance charge.

The letter given to the branch manager of the public sector bank reads that the sub division magistrate, Dadri, has announced its verdict in the case and the restriction it had put on the transaction from the bank account of the RWA should be lifted.

The order has come as relief to the RWA as it has not paid salaries to maintenance staff after the bank account was frozen two months ago.

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