Coronavirus: Initial signs of improvement emerge in Delhi
Coronavirus: Initial signs of improvement emerge in Delhi
Coronavirus: Initial signs of improvement emerge in Delhi
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Coronavirus: Initial signs of improvement emerge in Delhi

New Delhi: After witnessing tough days with steep rise in the coronavirus cases, there has been some respite coming on the way of the people living in Delhi. The city had seen consistent rise in single day spikes until Friday last week. But the number of cases has been decreasing significantly ever since then.

After declining for the third consecutive day on Monday, there was a little increase in the number of cases on Tuesday. Delhi reported 2,199 cases on Tuesday. The city reported 3,460 fresh cases on Friday, 2,948 new cases on Saturday, 2,889 cases on Sunday and 2,084 cases on Monday.

So, it can be said that the curve is somewhat flattening with no significant increase in the last two days. However, we will have to see how things pan out in the days to come to draw a final conclusion. 

The good thing is that the daily figures are stagnating despite the aggressive testing being incorporated by the state government. On Tuesday, 9,585 RT-PCR tests and 7,594 rapid anti-gen tests were conducted in the city. Delhi is testing 27,986 people per million population.

If we take things into perspective from the start of the month, then it can be categorically stated that the positivity rate has gone down significantly. As per the data shared by the government, the average positivity rate has dipped from 31 per cent in the second week of June to 18 per cent in the last week.

The total number of cases now stands at 87,360 till Tuesday. The city has seen 2,742 deaths so far. In the last 24 hours, 2,113 people have recovered in the national capital. 

The recovery rate is also increasing quite encouragingly in the city. At present, the recovery rate has been recorded at 66.8 per cent with 58,348 people recovering so far. It is slightly better than the national recovery rate. The country has recorded 59.06 per cent recovery rate. 

Delhi has made a considerable stride in terms of the recovery. The city’s recovery rate was 44.37 per cent on June 19. It has continuously improved ever since then. It was happening despite the spike in the number of cases. In the period of June 15 and 29, 40,012 people have recovered. Currently, there are 26,270 active cases.