No plans to shut down movement on weekends, says Gurugram DC
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No plans to shut down movement on weekends, says Gurugram DC

The LORs have been notified in the district and strict measures have been taken.

No plans to shut down movement on weekends, says Gurugram DC

Gurugram: Gurugram Deputy Commissioner Amit Khatri on Friday said that there was no proposal for any weekend shutdown of movement in the city, however, decisions would be taken from time to time based on the severity of Covid-19 situation.

DC Amit Khatri claimed that despite a sharp increase in testing capacity by 10 times to identify positive patients in the district, the positivity rate has come down from 14 per cent to less than 9 per cent with steady increase in recoveries.

He was addressing a joint press conference with Divisional Commissioner of Gurugram Ashok Sangwan and Civil Surgeon Dr Virendra Yadav at John Hall, Civil Lines.

During the press conference, DC Amit Khatri shared that Gurugram’s daily number of testing stood at 300 to 400 patients over a month ago, but now the testing capacity increased by 10 folds with 3,000 tests being conducted daily.

“Despite increased testing capacity, tracking and contact tracing in the district, the number of positive patients found daily is lesser than those who recover from the disease. There has been a steady decline in the number of patients found positive due to mass awareness and vigilance among the people,” he said.

On Thursday, the district administration issued the directions for the areas falling in containment zones and Large Outbreak Region (LOR) to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

In response to a question, the DC said that those who are living in the notified containment zone are not allowed to be called on duty except for those who are providing essential services. There is a restriction on the movement of individuals in the containment zone. he said.

The LORs have been notified in the district and strict measures have been taken in these areas to identify the suspect to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Till date, 7,350 patients were found positive of Covid-19 in the district, of which 6,197 have been recovered with a recovery rate of 85 per cent. The active cases in the district has also come down to 1,042 from 1,833 on June 23.

He emphasised that it is necessary to identify positive cases by timely testing and called upon the people to get them tested if they develop any symptoms of coronavirus, thus, help in preventing the spread of the disease.

During the press conference, Dr Virender Yadav, Chief Medical Officer said, the Covid-19 situation in the district continued to improve with declining positivity rate. The cases of coronavirus are doubling every 44 days.

Sharing the data, he said, in the last 16 days, 40,858 tests were conducted in the notified LOR areas and containment zones in the district, of which 26,125 were rapid antigen tests while 14,133 tests were conducted using RTPCR.

Dr Yadav said that out of 26,125 antigen tests conducted in LOR areas, 20,470 people were found negative while 697 people were found to be positive of coronavirus. He said that the administration aimed to carry out a maximum number of tests to identify infected patients and to prevent it from spreading.

Divisional Commissioner of Gurugram, Ashok Sangwan, said that the district administration is focusing on areas where there are more cases of coronavirus and speeding up the process of testing, tracking and tracing to curtail the transmission.

“The positivity rate in Gurugram has come down considerably in the last few days. The effort of the administration is to continue the fight against Covid-19 efficiently and effectively.” Sangwan said.

Acknowledging the increase in the number of cases in some areas of the district, particularly in Sohna, he said, “Positive cases have increased in some areas of Gurugram district for which measures have been taken in systematic ways to prevent the infection. These areas have been declared LOR and the testing capacity would be increased. The district administration is seriously working on isolation, testing, tracking and tracing.”

He also made an appeal to the residents to be cautious during the festive season and avoid large gatherings. “People should not congregate in large numbers on the day of Shivaratri and be alert,” he said.