Dwarka: Muddy water blues
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Dwarka: Muddy water blues

The monsoons have not even set in yet and Dwarka is already reeling from waterlogging and poor sanitation. When will the authorities pull up their socks?

Dwarka: Muddy water blues

With the onset of the monsoons, Dwarka and its surrounding areas have begun to face the twin problems of waterlogging and poor sanitation. Roads and service lanes in certain areas, such as the Metro corridor near Sector 12, Ashirvad Chowk area, in sectors 6, 13 and 14, are submerged in water. The Dwarka subway, too, is waterlogged, causing traffic snarls.

City Spidey carried out a recce of these areas and found that the stormwater drains were all choked. Rashmi Wahi of Sector 10, who commutes daily to Gurgaon, says, “Waterlogging shows how poorly prepared the civic agencies, such as the Delhi Development Authority, the South Delhi Municipal Corporation and the Public Works Department, are for the monsoons. The Dwarka underpass is completely waterlogged. Low vehicles and cars are having a tough time crossing it while travelling to and from Gurgaon. Civic bodies should look into the matter immediately.”

The stormwater drains along the Metro corridor look completely choked. The stretch between Ashirvad Chowk and the Sector 12 Metro station is submerged in water. Mani Sangal, a resident of Sector 6, said, “Yesterday, I was coming to Ashirvad Chowk from Sector 12. The water level has risen so much that it was entering my car. And, of course, there was a massive traffic jam there. The DDA should take this whole thing more seriously.”

Furthermore, due to poor disposal of garbage by the municipal corporation, the sides of the roads have become extremely dirty and are stinking to the high heavens. It’s difficult to walk on the roads. Shameera Ashroff, the general secretary of the Association of Neighbourhood Ladies Get-Together, or ANHLGT, and a resident of Skylark Apartments of Sector 6, said, “The whole of Dwarka is stinking. Even after several meetings with the corporation officials, the abysmal situation continues. It’s high time they woke up and took action.”