SHE POWER: This woman wants sleepy Dwarka to be a hotbed of all action

Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: Aug 01, 2016

Madhuri Varshney keeps busy for most part of the day – whether it is attending to the requirements of Dwarka Forum or cooperating with the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC). She is always willing to go that extra distance, both in official capacity and otherwise. 

She has been the president of Dwarka Forum, a resident body of Dwarka comprising various RWAs and social organisations, since 2010. And, she has big plans for  her city. She says, “We are focused on infrastructure development, and increasing community participation in development works.”

Even before she became the president of Dwarka Forum, she has had her hands full.  As the RWA vice- president in 20​09, she had overseen a lot of initiatives for her society, Ekta Apartment​s in Sector 3. She had different coloured identity cards made for the maids, car cleaners, gardeners and others. She helped create a file with pictures of all homeowners and their details – something that would come in handy for the police in the case of an eventuality. She also set up a website for the RWA. 

Recently, the SDMC​ began its solid-waste-management drive at both individual and community levels, and Dwarka Forum is playing a significant role in that. “We are promoting composting with the SDMC and solid waste management at community levels. We are carrying out a door-to-door campaign to sensitise people about solid waste management and composting. We have been visiting the RWAs and giving demonstrations. Some IIT students are also helping us out.”



Recently, Dwarka Forum met with the SDMC commissioner, and formed a WhatsApp group to initiate community participation in garbage disposal across the city. Speaking on the initiative, Madhuri says, “The WhatsApp group is already up and about, and the outcome has been very positive. People in the group send photographs of garbage lying unattended, which is instantly cleared out by the SDMC. Not just that -- composting cages are being distributed to manage horticultural and other wastes. This is only a start and we are determined to make it successful.”

Madhuri is quick to recognise the efforts of seniors in her team. She points out, “We have many senior people and experts working with us. I am lucky to have their guidance and support – their experience is crucial for the success of our endeavors.”

The journey has just begun and Madhuri is raring to go. Women empowerment,​ ​improvements in the education​ system,​ primary health, zero-​waste management are some of the issues that are close to her heart and she intends to turn Dwarka into a place where all the action is. But, ‘a feeling of self responsibility towards the city’ is the most crucial factor, she feels.  

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