Supertech Capetown: Snake spotted in passenger lift
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Supertech Capetown: Snake spotted in passenger lift

The incident has caused major shock among residents and they are reluctant to use lift for a moment.

Supertech Capetown: Snake spotted in passenger lift

Noida: Residents of Supertech Capetown, a high rise in Sector-74, Noida are gripped with fear after an incident of a snake entering into passenger lift came to light on Monday. The incident has caused major shock among them and they are reluctant to use the lift for a moment.

As per a resident’s account, he spotted the snake near the lobby area of CS -2 residential tower, while returning home from the local market. “I got scared when I saw a snake entering the lift and immediately took a photo to inform others,” one of the residents said. 

He informed that he shared the information with on-duty watchmen, who were unable to capture it by the time they reached the spot. “When we reached there, it wasn't there. It hid in lift area,” he added. 

When the residents came to know about the incident, they were apprehensive about using the passenger lift for some time and also alerted their wards to refrain from using the passenger lift until the snake is rescued from the areas.

Ajay Pandey, a resident of the society said that the developer has left a project incomplete adjacent to the residential tower and the snake was spotted there. He said, "We have booked a luxury flat in the society to live a peaceful life but due to the incomplete project, where weeds and wild plants have come up over the passing time, forced them to rethink about spending luxurious life here in the society." "We had paid over a crore while purchasing home in the society but we are not feeling safe as the snake is being witnessed below the residential tower," he said.

He said that an incomplete project is lying there on the site for the past several years. The developer has dug up the area for the basement, which was supposed to be completed but lying untouched there on the site. Weeds and big wild plants have come up there on the site, which is now a heaven for reptile and other insects.

He said, "This incomplete project is not safe for residents. It should immediately be cleaned and the developer should think of completing it shortly to provide relief to residents from the incident of spotting the snake in the society."

Residents said that they have taken the issue with the developer and requested an immediate measure to solve the problem. But the action on the ground is awaited, they told.